Professional Resume Format

The importance of using a good professional resume format

Professional resume formatApplying for any job and getting an interview is always hard work, especially now when so many others will be applying for every place. The interviewers have a tough task; they have to review potentially hundreds of resumes to select those most worthy of an interview. This will typically mean that they will just scan each resume and if the relevant experience that they are looking for does not jump off the page and grab them then the resume will be discarded. They are not going to spend a long time searching through long lists or pages of information to find what they need, they just don’t have the time to waste. A good professional resume format is one that will present the information that they are looking for cleanly and quickly.

The best professional resume format

best professional resume

great professional resumes

Our sample professional resumes are the best place to start when looking for the right format for your resume. They are laid out in just the right way to help the reader’s attention get dragged to the right information. Of course they will need to be completed with your personal details but these samples will help you to fully understand both the format and what you need to write. The best resumes are those that are written specifically for a job rather than as a general resume that you send to every job. Every job will have different priorities and requirements and if you do not clearly and quickly show that you meet them then you are not going to be getting an interview.

how to use professional resume format

Therefore it is always best to customize your resume specifically to match the needs of the job that you are applying for, this may sound like more work but in fact it should reduce the number of resumes that you have to send out before you gain an interview. The better the professional resume format mirrors their needs the more likely that you will be selected.

How to complete your professional resume format

Professional resumes do need to be customized, this means carefully reviewing the job advert, company website and anything else that you have to find out exactly what they want and value in an employee. You then need to use this information to write your resume using the best resume formats so that you perfectly match their needs:

right professional resume format


  • Put their most important and specified needs at the start of each section so that they are obvious and easy to find.
  • Provide blank space before each section so the eyes can be drawn there.
  • Clearly title each section using normal text, bolded but not all caps.
  • Use a font that is easy to read (12pt size) and not a flowery or fancy text.

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