12 Resume 2018 Trends You Should Follow to Get the Job

People nowadays know that a good resume 2018 is not so easy to build. With the new resume 2018 trends, there are many different factors that are important to take into account if you want a resume to be good enough. Some of these trends may be a little difficult to do, others may even see totally unnecessary, yet all of them are incredibly important for today’s job search.

A good resume format 2018 with the proper use of new trends has a lot more opportunities to be selected than a normal resume with traditional design. That’s why you should always take into account resume trends 2018 so you can make yourself look better in the eyes of recruiters and possibly get selected with the right design. Here we are going to talk about each one of the best trends for people to use in their resumes…

12 Resume Ideas 2018 You Should Use

A modern resume 2018 is the one that knows how to be effective and portrays every important data most recruiters take into account nowadays. These resume ideas 2018 are all about knowing how to use the current resume trends 2018 effectively. Read them all attentively:

1.      Use a new creative resume 2018 template

Most people nowadays don’t use Windows resume templates from Word or the like. People now like to make their own resume templates in other software like Photoshop, Corel, or more graphic design programs which allow the user to be more creative when it comes to a resume. This is immensely helpful for job postings about creative careers and the like. Yet, these always are much more effective in the eyes of recruiters, as they tend to grab more attention and engage more easily due to a format designed by the applicant himself.

2.      Be visually engaging

There’s no doubt that a creative resume always grabs more attention than a traditional one. However, a visually creative resume, with great design, more graphics, colors and spectacular way of portraying a profile can be immensely helpful when it comes to obtaining a job position.

When you include more visual presentation within your resume, you grab the attention of recruiters more easily, especially when you use graphs about your skills and achievements. As we live in a world where social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and other visually-depending sites are so popular – using the same strategy in resumes is also effective.

3.      Use infographics

As said before, graphics are nowadays more and more effective than traditional resumes. Yet, infographic resumes can be even more effective than visually-engaging resumes due to being much more serious than creative ones. When you use infographics, people tend to get a lot more engaged in what you have to say, especially if it is something about your previous achievements in works or your skills as a professional. If you use a creative approach to infographics, you are more likely to make a great impression.

4.      Be brief

People don’t know this, but one of the most effective 2018 resume trends is making your resume brief and short as possible. Nowadays, everyone is in a rush, whether it is for work or for any other reason, making them more likely to only do a brief review of your resume, and that will only work if you make a concise and direct resume. Use bullets, charts and wide spaces as well. The briefer your resume, the better and more effective it will be.

5.       Longevity is not seen well

One of the most strange yet very common trends for today’s job seekers is to make their resumes show their low interest of becoming an important asset of a company. And it doesn’t mean trying to portray low-quality skills and the like but portraying a low or no interest at all of being in a company for more than 1 or 2 years. This is what people call the gig economy, where most people nowadays don’t last more than 2 years, as this helps them stay less time but look for more and better opportunities.

This also helps businesses as well, as this allows for a more creative approach and improvement in different areas from time to time. Nowadays, if you want to make a good impression – maybe you should explain in your resume that you’re not someone who plans to stay in a company for life. It may help you a lot.

6.      Use social media

There’s no doubt we live in a social media rich society, where you dominance in social media can actually help you a lot when it comes to getting a job. If you want to improve your chances, make sure you can add your Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram, especially if you are applying for a creative career in design or something related where you can use social media as a portfolio.

But only use social media when they look professional. Don’t use social media on your resume if your accounts are too personal. You won’t like recruiters looking at your opinions about political, religious or social matters that could be a little too out of range. Otherwise, just make sure they can be related to your professional profile, this way your social media can be a great help in each resume.

7.      Use LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn can be classified as a social media account, it is totally different from others. In LinkedIn, the main purpose is to portray your professional profile more easily than you can do on a resume. LinkedIn mainly works as a second resume or even better than that. Just make sure you have a LinkedIn account, updated and always following the latest trends, with a professional photo, your skills, experience, and achievements, and more importantly – related to your resume so the recruiters don’t get suspicious.

We recommend making a LinkedIn profile with a different approach than in your resume. For example, if your resume is full of charts and it’s graphical more than traditional, make your LinkedIn profile be more informational, with fewer graphics and imagery and different text information about yourself so recruiters can learn even more about you.

8.      Show your tech dominance

More than being part of resume trends 2018, it is almost a necessity today to be an expert or at least half an expert when it comes to technology. Not only you should be able to perform well enough when it comes to social media and the like, you should also be good working with PCs, Smartphones and more. Using software according to your type of career is also very important as well. Just make sure you’re updated according to your work field latest technology and learn how to use them for more opportunities.

9.      Show your emotional intelligence

Might look a little unnecessary, but for today’s standards, portraying your emotional intelligence skills can make recruiters fall for your profile. Most people today don’t just want someone who can perform well individually; today’s standards are based on team work, social skills, leadership and an ability to sell.

When you create your resume, make sure you can portray skills like these, especially in careers where they hold more importance like sales, management and the like. These are also called soft skills, and even though they are not incredibly important, they can still make your resume look a lot better.

10.  Be achievement-oriented

Most people, when they portray their work history in their resume 2018, they tend to portray the responsibilities and positions they used to have in the companies or business they worked for. Yet, this may be important when the job posting has a lot of relevance with what you did before but does not really say anything about how you performed, what you achieved or even how important that position or responsibility was for the company.

Today, writing your achievements in each job position from your work history can help you immensely. When you write your previous work, say how you improved your company’s budget, how you managed people, how you were part of the creation of a new software and so on. This is much more effective than just saying what you did.

11. Use keywords

The use of resume keywords is always important, especially nowadays. The best you can do is to always make your resume be filled with enough keywords in order to be more effective in the eyes of a recruiter. When you use keywords according to your work field, skills, achievements and the like – the more likely you are to be selected and put into consideration. Use keywords and make your resume have more opportunities.

12.  Use an ATS-oriented format

ATS means Applicant Tracking System, and it is a system used by many recruiters nowadays to analyze the resume format 2018 in search of keywords and related information about each resume that could make an applicant more relevant to the job position. These ATS analyzes scan your resume taking into account the format and the words you used,  but most importantly, looking to related skills and work history depending on the job position. Understand how ATS works, and improve your resume accordingly.

popular resume 2018 trendsNeed Help with Your Resume 2018?

These previously mentioned resume 2018 trends will for sure help you if you use them correctly. Nowadays, it is not important how long a resume should be 2018 or how you should write your name and the like. Now what matters is how you can portray your profile more creatively, with more effectiveness and always professional.

If you need any help, get in touch with us now and we will help you make your resume 2018 look perfect!

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