13 Resume Designs Ideas That You’ll Want to Steal

Choosing resume designs can be one of the most important things to do when preparing a resume for a job. In this case, we’ve prepared the best 13 designs that you will want to use for yourself. Check out the next section for your information to be aware of the latest resume trends.

Creative Resume Designs

  1. Infographics Resume by Chen Zhi Liang: This is one of the amazing resumes to choose from if you want to stand out in the competition. This may be something for you if you are in the creative fields, including graphics and arts.
  2. My CV / resume by João Andrade: This appears as if it is a newspaper resume that look bold and catchy. It has just the right layout and colors to attract the attention of its readers. You can make use of this creative resume design for a compelling application.
  3. SELF-PROMOTION by Leonardo Zakour: This is an online portfolio that deserves to become a part of this list of the creative resume designs . You can use it for its good organization and layout of resume. It also includes important headings for giving focus on specific areas in your application. You can choose this one also if you want to highlight some of your most important projects.
  4. Curriculum Vitae / Resume by Ashley Spencer: This is one of the most professional creative resume designs to use. It has just the right color combinations that make your application unique. It also contains important sections, including your best skills and qualifications, only that they are presented in a visually engaging manner.

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  5. Self Promotion: Resume & Job Application by Vidar Olufsen: It appears like a portfolio resume as well. It contains the most important applicant information arranged and presented in an elegant way.
  6. Infographic CV by Ana Lourenco: Infographics are on the rise for resume designs, and this is one of the best in the category. It uses just the right color combination and font style enough to capture your reader’s attention. You can make use of this if you want to highlight your best qualities and skills for the job.
  7. Self Promotion Mailer by Pat Schlaich: This is one of the best picks for amazing resumes this year with its amazing use of colors and fonts. It can highlight your creativity and uniqueness that will help you to stand out in your application.
  8. CV | RESUME by Giorgi Bou: It appears to be one of the best resume designs in infographic style. It uses illustrations and graphic elements to present data in a visually appealing manner. You can make use of this to show off your accomplishments presented in a very clean and easily understandable way.
  9. My Resume by Gabriel Ghnassia: This is one of the amazing resumes for those in the design and art fields. It also made use of graphics and illustrations to present information. You can make use of this if you want an easy to read resume.

    resume design ideas to use

    Image credit: .instiz.net

  10. Self Promotion by Tai Hsiung Huang: This is your resume if you want to stand out in your application. It uses just the right graphic elements suitable for those in the arts and designs fields.
  11. Resume | Self Promotion by Errol Veloso: This is a perfect designer or digital analyst resume that will help you stand out in the application. You can use it with its perfect layout of information presented in a clear and logical manner.
  12. Personal Stationery by Alysa Choudri: This one of the most elegant resume designs that makes use of vivid colors and vibrant graphic elements. It may be for you if you are in the creative industry.
  13. My Resume by Navdeep Raj: This is a timeline type of a resume that can show an employer about your activities and work experiences that help you reach where you are today.

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These are 13 of the most catchy resume designs that you may want to make use of for yourself. They are not only creative, but they also show professionalism in terms of their layouts and formats. They may be ideal for those in the arts, designs and web development fields where creativity and innovativeness matter. Check out, choose among these and submit a unique resume today!

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