3 Most Helpful Resume Samples 2016

You might be looking for resume samples 2016 when writing your application this year because these resume 2016 examples are updated with the trends of job application and they are with the most important sections and details to include in your resume. Check out this guide for your reference on writing and a couple of more information about 2016 resumes.

resume writing tips Resumes Sample for 2016: Important Tips

  1. Format your resume correctly, according to writers of the best resume sample for 2016. Based on studies, an application is scanned for 25 seconds or less, so it matters that you use a logical format for your resume. You should go for clean and clear headings and type. You can choose typeface, including italic and bold for guiding the eyes of your readers. You can also use bullets in grabbing attention on the most important points about you, including your accomplishments.
  2. Do not list job descriptions for each work experience; instead, highlight your accomplishments in every job you handled. You should show that you could solve the problems of someone working in the position and you can meet their needs. Focus on what you did or you have done in the job, and do not just list your duties and responsibilities.
  3. Do not make general claims, but make sure that you quantify your achievements with statistics or numbers to prove such claims. They are going to help you sell yourself and portray a good candidate for the job. You do not need to highlight all your achievements though, but you must be able to select only significant ones that can impress the employer or the reader of your application.
  4. Be careful when choosing your resume 2016 sample and avoid going for creative resumes if you are not in the creative industries. You must be able to choose a professional resume design that will draw attention into the content and not on the design elements of the application.
  5. Select the right resume format 2016. There are three main formats, namely, reverse chronological, functional and combined resumes. The first one is for those with solid work experience and no career gaps, while the second one is for those with the expertise in the job but have gaps in employment or are shifting careers. The last one is for those looking to highlight both the features of the two other resumes.
  6. Based on a resume 2016 sample, you must skip the objective section with the career highlights or summary. This is to demonstrate that you have the familiarity and expertise to take on the roles of the person who is going to handle the position.
  7. Include your social media profiles, including your LinkedIn in the application. This is one of the latest trends in applications that employers use to filter their applicants.

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2016 Resume Samples

best resume sample 2016

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resume samples 2016

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resume 2016 sample

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How Best Resume Sample 2016 Can Help You Write

The best resume sample 2016 is updated with the latest trends in writing a CV or resume. They can help you in demonstrating your abilities, knowledge and skills for the job in the most effective way.

  1. Templates: There are many templates to choose from based on your industry, including medical, engineering, teaching, writing and so on. In this case, you don’t need to come up with your resume style from scratch, but you only have to select from the templates available and ready to use and download.
  2. Free: The resume samples are free and so you don’t have to spend money in getting the right type of format or style for your application. In the process, you don’t only save time, but you also save money in writing your resume.
  3. Professional: The best 2016 resumes samples can help you come up with a nicely presented resume that impresses the employer. It contains important subheadings or sections that can organize your resume and help you learn of what to include when writing.

Before writing your resume, make sure that you choose from the wide range of resume sample for 2016 that can help you write your application without any hassles but with ease.

Don’t wait, but get started to using our professional resume samples 2016 today!

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