5 Best Tips for Resume 2017: How to Do It Right

best tips for resume 2017

In the recent time, recruiters and hiring managers have observed that there are more badly written resumes than the good ones. In order not to be eliminated as a result of badly written resume in 2017,  attract more interview offers and make sure you do it right. Your resume 2017 must impress recruiters to the level that they will invite you for the interview and get you employed at the end. In other words, make sure you employ everything to do it right and make unique. So, let’s find out what are the best tips for resume 2017 and latest trends in CV writing 2017?

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What to Incorporate in a Resume 2017 to Make It Unique

The necessary components of a resume vary, depending on the job you are seeking as well as the industry you belong. However, begin by thinking about the peculiar nature of your likely employers, the expected certifications, skills and level of experience. However, there are basic sections that nearly all employers require, despite all the different variables, and you should therefore plan on adding them to your resume as revealed below:

  • The summary of your resume 2017
  • Skills
  • Work History
  • Education
resume style samples 2017

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On the other hand, you should consider the style that will be appropriate for your work history, in addition to thinking about the information and sections you will include in your resume. Is it the functional style, hybrid style or chronological style of resume 2017?

Chronological style of resume highlights your work experience in sequential order and it is the best for a candidate with zero employment gaps and has trailed a traditional employment path. On the other hand, functional resumes is good for the existing workers and graduates who are re-entering the workforce after a reasonable gap, just like experts who have been in the same employment for the whole of their career or the stay at home mothers.

5 Best Tips for Resume 2017

As mentioned in the early part of this writing, you need to make your resume 2017 stand out from the crowd. Discussed below are the best 2017 resume tips for you.

Reply directly to the job description

In most cases, recruiters have certain ideas concerning the experiences and skills required of job seekers to function well in some positions. As a result, your resume should reflect the description they included in their adverts or job listings.

It is worth mentioning that the most appealing resume is the one that goes well with all the requirements, such as necessary certifications, degrees, work experiences, technical skills, licenses and degrees. You will need to be frame and creative on your current skill, if your previous work experience is not related to the job description.

Format your resume prudently

Your resume 2017 should be wisely formatted to gain attention and thorough reading of the hiring managers. However, you need to understand that your resume won’t be read at the first instance, no matter how well written. In general, it will take a resume 25 seconds to be scanned and if your resume is poorly organized, hard to read or more than two pages, scanning is more difficult.


  • Make us of a logical format with wide margins, clear headings and clean type. Choose the right resume designs.
  • Selectively make use of italic and bold typeface that will assist in guiding the eyes of the reader
  • Make use of bullets to invite attention to your imperative. Accomplishments.
Show how you are the solution

You 2017 resume must reveal that you are the right candidate that will alleviate the pain of your prospective employer. Therefore, your resume should aim the position for which you are applying. In other words, channel your resume toward the particular the exact post, e.g Research Scientist. Remove whatever is not relevant to that position from your CV 2017. There is no point mentioning a marketing internship on your Research Scientist CV as it is not in any way related to the position.

Describe your accomplishments and not job description

How good and efficient are you at the job you are applying for? This is what a recruiter or hiring manager is expecting on your resume in 2017. Let’s assume you are someone that delivers snacks, it won’t be enough to say that you deliver snacks, because that is the job expected of you. Are you good at snacks delivery? Do you deliver snacks in a crushed box to the wrong address late and cold?

Focus on those accomplishments you have made instead of emphasizing on your responsibilities, even as you are living up to those responsibilities. Let your resume 2017 reveals how you have excelled and taken your profession to the greatest height.

Disregard extraneous information

Understanding what you should not include in your resume can be as imperative as understanding what it should contain. You may believe that it is ideal to incorporate as much information as possible to protect weaker Curriculum Vitae, but this approach can boomerang.

Incorporating extraneous jobs or irrelevant accomplishments from related jobs tells your probable employer that you don’t know what they are looking for. Do not allow your target audience to search too long to discover what is really important about your resume. Include only the relevant information.

Resume 2017 Sample

Chef Resume Sample

18 Ribadu Way, New jersey, LA 70112

(803) 340-5688



TASTEE New Orleans, LA

Chef Jan 2013 – Present

  • Maintained daily kitchen processes with 10 staff members
  • Developed operation that lessened waste by 50% and improved supply turnover by 75%
  • Re-developed whole menu in 2014, raising sales revenue by 167%
  • Oversaw food production and preparation, guaranteeing 100% food safety practices were followed
  • Referenced in “Best Chefs of 2013” journal, published on Nov 2013

THE RUM HOUSE New Orleans, LA Souz Chef Sept 2007– Dec 2012

  • Teamed up with Head Chef in innovative recipes and menu design
  • Mentored and trained seven junior staff, improving performance by 40%
  • Organized meals for dining and lunch and services with an average of 120 tables daily
  • Administered dealings with vendors, bargaining prices of equipment and ingredients that resulted in 30% savings on budget



Associates Degree in Culinary Arts May 2006


  • Currently experiencing with American Cuisine
  • Trained under Chef Latoma Emeril

It is wise and ideal to look at resume samples premeditated for your industry and know best tips for resume 2017, whether you are a beginner or professional in resume-writing. There are different samples to choose from, depending on your industry. Find a sample for your industry, review it and come up with your own version of resume 2017. Pay special attention to the best format as well as most important information to incorporate, and the mistakes to avoid.

Are you really prepared to land that dream job in 2017? Click here to learn more about the best tips for resume 2017 and how to do it right.

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