5 Resume Writing Tips 2016

If you are searching for resume writing tips 2016, then you have just arrived at the right post online to tell you more about these updated tips in writing your resume. Check out the following suggestions in coming up with an impressive resume that works for many applications that you need to make in the coming year.

resume writing tips 2016 how to write a resume 2016 

How to Write a Resume 2016

  1. Know how to handle Basic English, including grammar and spelling. You don’t need to be Shakespeare or an English book author to come up with a flawless resume that contains no grammar mistakes. Do not use the first person in writing your resume, one of the tips on how to write a resume 2016. Instead, use direct action words that will demonstrate your abilities, knowledge, and skills. (e.g. Demonstrated professionalism and was able to handle a team of 20 people in the engineering department)
  2. Keep your sentences short, one of the resume tips for 2016 to remember. They don’t have to be a complete sentence, though, but you can leave out articles, such as ‘the, a, an;’ you may also try using bullets in writing your resume for easy reading. (e.g. Created database in monitoring patient visits).
  3. Highlight your abilities, knowledge, and skills. You don’t have to include every job experience, though, one of the resume tips for 2016 to know. What you have to do instead is to make sure that your latest resume format 2016 contains only relevant information for the job application. You don’t need to include all the work experiences you have had. They won’t make sense, but they will just cloud up your application.
  4. Make use of headlines and subheadings when needed. For instance, in the first part of your resume, use a heading that will include your name, address, email and phone number. And then, you can follow it up with a good executive summary and not a career objective.
  5. Proofread your resume, one of the most important resume writing tips 2016 to remember and not to forget. Before submitting, see if you have included everything that should be there and remove things that have to be taken out of it.

Need simple resume examples? We’ve got some great ones!

Resume Writing Tips 2016: Important Sections

  • Headline containing your name, email, phone number and address
  • Subheading which includes your career summary
  • Work experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Skills

According to careerbuilder.com more than 2,500 hiring managers found that 56% have caught job candidates lying on their resumes.

There you have what to know when writing your resume for 2016 to remember in order to increase your chances to winning your job application. Finally, learn more tips on how to write a resume 2016. We would also recommend you to use professional LinkedIn writing services to impress your potential employer!

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