Accounting Resume Template

Your resume can make or break your accounting professional career. It is very important that the hiring personnel get the good impression of you just by looking at your resume.

If you do not have the time to create your own resume or you lack the basic knowledge about this task, you can always search on the Internet the basic accounting resume template. There are numerous accountant resume samples available online that you can use as outlines for creating your own resume. Most of these documents are nursing resume template and formatted according to the common resume styles.

The following are templates of personalized accountant resume sample that you can use to create your own resume. You just need to supply all the necessary information needed to complete a new resume.

accounting resume template  sample accounting resume

Contents of Sample Accounting Resume

A sample of an accounting resume must include comprehensive and organized information about a candidate accountant. It must have a clear definition of personal information, professional experiences, training and licenses and personal references.

Personal information includes the applicant’s complete name and contact information. Professional experiences include the company, bank, or any financial institution where the applicant previously worked with the corresponding start, end dates and the duties he or she performed in the company. Training and licenses must be relevant to the job opportunity that the applicant is eyeing for.

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Keep It Simple

Your choice of accounting resume template depends on your preference. However, it is recommended to keep it plain and simple as much as possible, choose a simple format with plain style. The most common resume format is centered for the name and left aligned for the content. Avoid too many designs such as bars and headings for each major part like the one below:

  • NAME

Instead, use the following sample format:

Name: (Given Name, Surname, Middle Initial)

Contact Information: (Home Address, Telephone Number, Email Address/Website)


Summary of Qualifications:

Professional Experiences:

Educational Background:


Accountants are known to be objective and simple characters that must reflect on the sample resumes they must choose. Evaluators and hiring personnel are also expected to look at the applicants resume objectively, so there is no point to add unnecessary information in the document.

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