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You wanna be a start? Wanna be the next James Dean or the next Nicole Kidman? Well, once drama school is done with, it all starts with a winning acting and federal resume format. All the big stars past and present will have had one. You’re telling us Dustin Hoffman didn’t know how to conjure up a winning actor resume format, or that Sandra Bullock didn’t spend hours refining the perfect actress resume format? How do you think Marlon Brando became the Godfather? You thought he just acted his way there, did you?

According to 97% of Hiring Managers/Recruiters/HR reps said they make interview decisions based on the resume, not cover letters.

An actor’s resume is a BIG deal. Like huge. Along with your headshot, your resume is your workhorse. It’s your calling card, your passport to the role of your dreams. With a really bad acting resume format, you’re gonna struggle to get those parts you want. Particularly if you’re a struggling actor, nailing an awesome acting resume format opens lots of doors.

Keep Your Acting Resume Format Short

Unlike, say, a sales resume, your resume needs to be pretty darn short. You’re an actor, not a salesman who details his or hers revenue. We recommend sticking to 1 page of A4 paper. Any more and you risk boring the pants off people.

actor resume format acting resume format

It Has Fit on the Back of Your Headshot

acting resume formatAn actor resume format also has to be short and concise because it needs to be included on the back of your headshot. This is really handy because you can then hand both in at the same time – which is exactly what casting managers want!

Use Short Paragraphs

Hiring managers hate huge, chunky paragraphs. They’re hard to read and they’re boring.

Casting managers are the same – if not more so. They want to know if you can act; they don’t want to hear your life story or about the time you was responsible for such and such.

Keeping your paragraphs short makes them readable, neat and tidy. Any actor resume format that is deluged with big blocks of text won’t be read.

Be Selective

professional acting resumeYou don’t need to list every single role you’ve played since you were 5 until now. Instead, you should be selective and include what you feel were your best roles.

If you’re not sure which were your best roles, ask a friend.

Don’t Go Crazy With Fonts

While certain resume formats these days do welcome a few powerful embellishments, such as colour and bold and italic typeface, it’s still a golden rule that you still to good old Times New Roman when it comes to the font.

As a thespian, you might be encouraged to experiment with your fonts, but you absolutely must not. Your acting resume format has to look clean and professional.

Use Colour

Yes, you’re allowed to use colour – but no more than one. This means you can use black for your text and a separate colour for your headings.

Don’t Discuss Your Work

This is an acting resume format, not a sales resume. You thus do not need to include all your work experiences. Casting managers don’t care how many years you did in retail.

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