Be In Loop with Resume Format 2015

2015 is finally here, which means that if you’re looking for a new job, you need to get with the 2015 resume format. Last years format just won’t cut it anymore, so if you don’t want to get left behind and passed over for a job because you’re not clued up on all the latest resume format 2015, then take a look at our interviews tips.

Lose The Meaningless and Silly Words for Resume Format 2015

Remember back in 2010 when you littered your resume with words like a motivated passionate driven energetic team player and so on and so on? They worked, right? They don’t work anymore.

These words are totally out of place on the 2015 resume format, and you should work at replacing them, or just losing them altogether. These words by themselves don’t mean anything. We can all say that were results-orientated, but without the numbers to back it up, who’s gonna believe us?

These days, hiring managers want numbers rather than words. They don’t want to see lipstick on a pig – they want substance and they want evidence of what you’re all about.

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Quantify Your Resume 2015 Format

Okay, so you’ve listed your achievements – but where are the numbers?

These days, hiring managers don’t want to tell about your success – they want to be shown it. And showing comes in the form of numbers.

Without numbers, your resume 2015 format will be dull, turgid, and will tell a hiring manager very little. They want to know by how much you increased productivity at work, how many sales you made, and how big the establishment you’re currently working at is.

60 percent of résumés are ignored because they’re not formatted correctly or are too cluttered. 76 percent will reject the résumé if you have an unprofessional email address.
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Delete Unrelated and Old Experience

The key to resume formats 2015 is that you’re in 2015 – not 2005 anymore. This means that your experience from ten years ago is pretty much irrelevant.

Even if it’s in the same industry.

Moreover, if you’ve filled out your resume with experience that has zero relevance to the post you’re applying for, it will also get the thumbs down from the hiring manager. Indeed, it can be tempting to chuck any old experience on your resume just to bulk it up – but hiring managers don’t want bulk. They want a clean, simple and easy to read the resume. That is where resume formats 2015 are at.

Make a New Resume Format 2015 for Each Job You Apply For

I know, I know. A new resume for each job you apply for? That sounds like a heck of a lot of hard work.

But this is what you need to do. You need to put in the effort and the hard work in order to land your dream job. You see, if you hand in the same resume at Starbucks as you did to Costa Coffee, you might think there’s no problem. After all, they’re both coffee shops, right?

But businesses prefer it these days if you tailor your resume to them and their brand. And Starbucks brand and mission statement is very different to Costas. One size in the hiring industry does not fit all.

Your resume needs to be relevant. Furthermore, each job comes with keywords in the listing – and you need to include these keywords on your resume.

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