Beneficial 2015 Resume Template

If you have an outdated resume template, guess what? You’ll be ignored by hiring managers!

Okay, that’s a very blunt way of saying that this is 2015 and you need to get with the 2015 resume template program if you want to stand any chance of getting the job you really want. So, its time to stop partying like its 1995, and time to start drafting your resume template 2015 like its, well, 2015! Without further ado, take a look at our hints and tips to get clued up on what all the hiring managers are looking for this year when it comes to your resume.

According to 43% of respondents say they’d consider a candidate even if he or she only had three of five qualifications the employer wanted.

Consider Your Filetype For Your 2015 Resume Template

Back in 1996, a file type – if it even existed – was something that you found in a drawer of files. You certainly didn’t save your resume as a specific file type. You just stapled it together and slipped it into a folder. Job done.

But 2015 resume templates, if they are to be considered by the hiring manager, need to be saved as a specific file type. Sometimes the hiring manager will request that you save it as a certain file type, and if this is the cases the job vacancy you’re replying to, you absolutely must save it as this file type.

Otherwise, all employers will want to receive your resume as either a .doc file or a .pdf. If you decide to save it instead as a .txt, you may have to wrestle with the issue of your formatting going askew. Employers want to be able to see your perfect resume template 2015, but there are certain file types that will jumble-up the template, and what the hiring manager sees is not necessarily what you see.

2015 resume template  resume template 2015

Consider Your Resume Template 2015 Format

Formatting is key when it comes to our resumes. A poor format looks like a dogs dinner and will largely be unreadable. And if a hiring manager cant read your resume without asking several people for assistance, theyre going to drop your resume into the No, thanks pile.

There are three types of 2015 resume templates formatting that you can adopt:

  • Chronological – Most people use this type of 2015 resume template because, as people, we are conditioned to work chronologically. So it figures that our template should run chronologically, right? Its a straightforward format that puts your experience and roles at the top and lists everything according to time. This format focuses on your employment and educational history.
  • Functional – A functional resume template 2015 is one that concentrates on your skills as opposed to a straightforward employment history. A functional resume is useful for people who have little work experience. If you have a lot of work experience, though, its probably best that you avoid the functional resume as hiring managers might get the impression that youre trying to cover up employment gaps.
  • Combination – Yup, you guessed right. The combination resume combines the best elements from the aforementioned functional and chronological formats so that you can show off a good mix of employment history and skills.

Keep Your Resume Template 2015 Simple

In the past, you might have tried too hard to impress hiring managers with your resume. For this reason, you might have written hundreds of sentences and your paragraphs might have been as thick as bricks. Unfortunately, hiring managers do not want to see resumes that look busy.

Instead, they want a resume that looks simplistic and that is nice and easy to read. This means you should use numeric, such as bullet points, and your paragraphs should be no longer than four sentences. Keep your resume tidy, and make sure that it looks appealing to read.

Check Out 2015 Resume Samples

To further help you in your quest to get hired, we suggest that you check out best resume format 2015. A quick Google search will help you here, and by looking at a few samples you’ll get a much better understanding of what resumes in 2015 are all about.

Got a resume but think its a little out of date? Struggling to find out what the 2015 resume template is all about? Then why not check out our page to unlock all the top tips you need.

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