Beneficial CEO Resume Template

CEO resume samples are often required by senior level and higher management professionals and executives who are applying for COO, CEO, Vice President, and Presidential positions. Since this is a higher position, the template and written resume need to be more sophisticated and well written with an emphasis on the corporate experience, qualifications, and skills of the applicant.

According to 5% of applicants are dishonest when describing their previous roles or the time they spent in a job.

Common and Specialized CEO Resume Template

There are two types of CEO resume samples that you can find online. The first set is the common or standard format where applicants can copy and paste on the downloaded format and the other one is the specialized resume.

  • Standard CEO Resume Template

For the standard CEO resume template, the most common format includes the name of the applicant, contact information, summary of qualifications, list of previous experiences, and other skills. This format is beneficial for CEO because it is easy to use and free from the websites that offer them for download.

  • Specialized CEO Resume Format

For the specialized CEO resume format, a set of writers who specialize in writing resumes will work on the layout, wording, and formatting of the applicant’s resume. In this type of resume writing, the applicant will just have to send their original resume and the writers will take care of the rest. The benefits that CEO applicants can derive from using this simple resume format are the uniqueness that it offers. Each resume is formatted and well written in a specialized form based on client preference. It is also beneficial for applicants who do not have any idea about what to include and how to format their resumes at hand.

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The Best CEO Resume Samples

Great CEO resume samples should capture the attention of the hiring personnel. This is achieved through an excellent information presentation, language, and of course, quality contents including the skills and experience of the applicant. Each sample should contain the name of the applicant on the topmost and center of the page followed by the contact information.

It should also list down the applicant’s summary of skills and qualifications that make him or her suitable for this job position. This part highlights the outstanding qualifications of the applicant that he or she deemed play vital roles in his or her previous jobs.

An effective CEO resume format should also include the applicant’s educational attainment, corporate affiliations, certifications, software and program proficiency level and other related training.

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