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To be able to enter a graduate or post-graduate school and to be listed for a Master’s Degree candidacy, a student applicant must submit a graduate school CV. A graduate school CV lists the applicant’s educational degree, academic and extra-curricular highlights, publications and employment experience. This document is often submitted together with the school’s entrance application form.

Most applicants use a graduate school resume sample as a guide in writing their resumes. This helps them gather all the information needed and organize them into a well-presented document.

More often than not, a CV template is commonly mistaken from a resume sample. Read on to learn the difference.

graduate school resume format graduate school resume sample 

What Is A Graduate School Resume Template

A graduate school resume template is a general pattern used to create a new school resume. This outlines all the necessary information applicants need to include in writing their resume. A graduate school CV template keeps your writing within the border. It limits your entries into what are only necessary, thus helping you create a concise and substantial graduate school CV.

What Is a Graduate School Resume Sample?

A graduate school CV sample is a pre-filled resume template or pattern. It contains the name, address, employment experiences and predetermined educational attainment. This sample makes it easier for applicants to determine how information is written. It provides samples on what language are acceptable in this type of document.

According to nearly 4 seconds of that 6-second scan is spent looking exclusively at four job areas, which are: 1) job titles, 2) companies you worked at, 3) start/end dates and 4) education

The Right Graduate School Resume Format To Use

When it comes to formatting, the most common type of layout used is the chronological order. When it comes to professional experience, graduate school CV format lists the most current to the latest date an applicant assumed a position. In addition to formatting, it is very important to stay unified. For example, if you started working with unjustified alignment, ensure that the whole document follows the same standard resume format. This also goes with the font and font size. All major parts such as ‘Qualifications’, ‘Professional Experience’, ‘Education’ ‘Trainings and Achievements’ should be written in the same font and size while the contents under each subheading should also follow a unified format.

Do not forget to highlight your qualifications, skills, and achievements in your graduate school resume. If the university requires a reference, make sure that you provide one, or at least imply that a reference will be available upon request.

If you need a law school resume sample, feel free to review it. Get inspired, create your own and impress your employer.

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