Best Resume Format 2016: Hacks That Change Everything

resume format 2016

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The year is almost over, which is why you as an applicant should be thinking about what you are supposed to do with resume format 2016. If you are going to think about it, a resume should be made like an advertisement that would appeal to the masses. However, in your case, it must be something that leaves a mark or a great impact on the mind of an employer. No matter how professionally written it is, the best resume format 2016 is still going to play a big role as to whether you are hired or not. Why is it important that you get to view your resume as an advertisement that employers get to see on the streets or on T.V. every day? Well, the answer is quite simple. A resume is what gets to the mind of your potential employer. They view your resume as an indication as to how you gather your thoughts and how you organize information or ideas. Most employers do not have the time to spend reading your resume, which is the main reason why you should think clearly of resume formats 2016.

Resume Formats 2016: How Fonts Create an Appeal to Employers

best resume format 2016An updated resume format 2016 is all about choosing the right fonts, picking the right size or proportion for your header, when to or when not too bold or italicize texts and so on. What makes fonts a special part of your resume is that it determines how readable or understandable it is. It gets to lead employers to spend more time reading your resume and not the one from a fellow applicant.

Well then, what font types are best for resume format 2016? That is a tough question, but don’t you worry about it for this post has the best tips on which fonts you should choose when writing your resume. Look at the following written.

resume format 2016First of all, try to use serif fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, Goudy Old Style or Bell MT. These fonts are considered to be the most appropriate fonts for resume formats 2016 and are highly readable and simple creating a great professional appeal to employers.

best resume format 2016Other than serif fonts, sans serif fonts are also recommended by experts to use in your resume. Sans serif fonts like Tahoma, Arial, Lucida Sans or Century Gothic do not have tails like the serif fonts and look more block-like. This is a proper alternative to serif fonts.

resume formats 2016Choosing any of these recommendations is reasonable for applicants like you as long as you get to use just one font in your resume. On the other hand, choosing two fonts would make it unprofessional. It is also not an updated resume format 2016, which makes it a failed application for you.

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Updated Resume Format 2016: How It Is Done Properly

The best resume format 2016 is not complicated that requires you learn and study rocket science. All you have to do is to ensure that you get to include vital and important information that employers should know about you. What also makes it special and appealing to your possible employer is how you write down this information. Consider the following tips listed below.

  • Your contact information should be the first that employers get to see on top of your resume. This should includeresume format 2016 your full name, complete address and updated contact number. This should also be centered and do not forget to capitalize and bold your name.
  • Your value statement is another key factor when writing a resume. Do not write things that praise your employer or the company itself. Instead, you should state the job role you’re applying for and the qualities you possess in order to help the company achieve its goals.
  • Choosing to write down core strengths and your understanding about the industry and the job you are applying for would make your application stand out. Write down industry skill sets and keywords, pertaining to the job and industry.
  • Resume formats 2016 should also include your work experience. This is key information that employers need to know about you. Make sure that you get to write your most recent job and responsibilities.
  • Your education should be the next included in your resume. As most people would choose to write it before work experiences, it is highly recommended that you write it after the previous jobs you’ve had.
  • Finally, try to include honors and awards you may have received during a study. If you may, include seminars you have attended to add an additional appeal.

There you have it. An updated resume format 2016. Keep in mind that you should keep it concise so that your application stands out from your fellow applicants. Good luck in your job application.

And if you need to know which resume format for interview you should use, then we could give you a few tips.

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