Best Resume Format 2016 Dos and Don’ts

Best Resume Format 2016

When applying for new jobs, there are certain resume dos and don’ts to remember so that you stay on the right track in the creation of your resume.

Should you want to learn how to write an impressive one, while keeping the rules, check out the following for the “Best Resume Format 2016 Dos and Don’ts.”

Your resume is the key to getting a new job and needs to be written in a manner that is going to clearly show the recruiter you should be given an interview. But recruiters today are not going to spend a long time studying your resume to see if you have all of the skills they are looking for.

Your resume has got to highlight these skills clearly within just a quick review if you want any chance of being seen as a good candidate. So the following resume writing tips 2016 will help you to ensure that your resume is written and formatted in a way that is going to get you noticed.

Resume 2016 Tips


  • Tailor your resume per career stage, industry and personal brand.
  • Make sure the first page can stand alone with the rest by containing sufficient details.
  • Create a summary of who you are in the first section.
  • Use not paragraphs but bullets.
  • Use white space to make your resume readable.
  • To make it even more readable, make sure it is easy to read by machines.
  • Understand and make use of your digital presence.

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  • Avoid having multiple personalities.
  • Avoid using jargons and proprietary acronyms.
  • Avoid using a controversial or funny email address.
  • Avoid including your high school if you have reached college.
  • Avoid grammatical and typo errors in your resume.
  • Avoid going over three to five bullets in every section.

Best Resume Format 2016: Additional Tips

interviews questions and_answersBefore writing, consider the following tips to avoid any mistakes that might not help but ruin your application. You also have to spend enough time to choosing the right resume format 2016 to use so that you can make yours effective. You also have to keep your resume up to two pages only at maximum to avoid boring your readers and losing the essence of your application.

Creating a successful resume is possible if you would follow the above resume 2016 tips.

Make sure to apply them and increase your chances to succeed when applying for a new job that will make you happy and proud today!

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