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There is a certain 2016 resume format that is fit for different types of applicants, which are also meant for a particular job opening. What many applicants do not understand is that they tend to create a CV that they would normally use for any job application they are to pursue. Moreover, the need to tailor fit a resume to a certain job post becomes necessary for everyone, especially to fresh graduates.

resume format 2016 resume formats 2016

Resume Formats 2016: Three Types and Its Use

CV formats 2016 is even more challenging to entry-level applicants compared to those who already have a job experience. However, they should not feel that they are a step behind these vets in terms of any job application. To help a newbie or fresh graduates be at the same level with the experienced ones, the top three professional CV formats are listed here. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the following.

  1. Functional Resume – is a commonly used document format that allows job applicants to highlight their experience and skills, instead of their sequential work history. This type or document formats 2016 is recommended for use by those who look to divert into a different career path or individuals who have gaps in their work history.

  1. Chronological Resume – is utilized by most job applicants in order to create a systematic way of listing their work experiences by writing the most recent one first. The reverse chronological CV format 2016 is done by writing down the applicants’ recent or current job first. This type of resume works well for applicants with a strong work employment background.

  1. Combination CV Format 2016 – enables applicants to write down their experience and skills first in line, while listing one’s employment next. This professional resume format allows one to display their skills that are relevant to the job applied they are applying.

That is each of the types of professional format of the document that is meant for each job that works applicants must use. No matter how much time applicants do have, they should never rush when submitting a resume. Applicants must make sure that their resume is fit for the kind of job they are applying for using resume formats 2016.

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