Best Resume Formats 2016

best resume format 2015 tipsYour first ticket to landing your dream job is a great, impressive resume that ‘Wows!” every recruitment manager and employer who gets to read it, and not bores him to sleep, right? Capture his attention quickly using the best resume format 2016 that we’re going to feature here. And to start with, let’s begin learning of the some tips on choosing your format to show that you’re the right candidate who knows exactly what he’s entering at.

best resume format 2015

What Is the Best Resume Format 2016?

First off, this is the way you are going to organize the information you use in your resume, and that include your achievements, work history and resume body. You can use a chronological (giving emphasis to work history in chronological order), functional (giving emphasis to your achievements than job experience) and combination (simply the combination of the two).

What Are the Top 10 Resume Formats 2016?

best resume format 2015 oneSocial media resume is your personal profile on social media websites, including LinkedIn, where most employers go to filter the right candidate for their company. According to studies, 90 percent of employers use social media to find new talents. Make a social media resume, one of the resume formats 2016 to get you noticed this year.

great resume 2015Infographic resume is your ticket to success if you are the creative head who wanted to present information about you in a professional-looking infographic, mainly with some statistics on how excellent you are! Try it and show you are something different from the rest.

wow great resume 2015Facebook timeline resume maybe be for you if you would like to make another resume format that would shine above the rest. As you know, Facebook is one of those

social tools to help you achieve a good exposure among employers who are in there! Add your professional brand and show your expertise in your field by using your Facebook timeline to highlight your achievements.

resume 2015 tipVideo resume formats are great for people who may want to showcase their ability to communicating their thoughts well by recording or making a video of themselves when selling their potentials to employers. This resume 2016 may also work to those aspiring

to become an IT worker in a company because he or she can better explain himself, with full facial expressions, by using a video format.

the best resume format 2015Precise resume format works best for smart job seekers that know clichés and fluffy words are now a thing of the past. They can make use of a functional resume to show their impressive abilities and skills listing down their MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS. In the process, you can make use of only brief words that get straight and notice from the very beginning. You should use industry-related terms to showcase your knowledge, expertise and skills for the position you are applying for.

very best resume format 2015Graphs and charts are something new for resume 2016 and it is a sure way to present oneself in a swift quick manner by highlighting how good you are using graphs and charts, something that might work best for people looking to apply in a sales job because charts and graphs can show how great you are in selling or increasing the sales of your company. You can also make use of this format if you were a project manager who want to show you are great in beating schedules and finishing every project stage on time and that you can very well manage a team of let’s say 20 people who were assigned each of their own task in the project. Graphs and charts can also make use of colorful and appealing templates that can quickly capture someone’s interest almost ‘right away!’

best resume format 2015 tipQuotations are used by people who wanted to make use of testimonials from their former bosses or supervisors. A perfect quote can validate your claims, reputation and success in part projects you have handled. You can also showcase you are of a great benefit and value if you would be hired and would be working on a project where you specialize.

best resume format 2015 lLinkedIn resume 2016 is one of the best formats to use if you would like to be found online by the most influential employers and connections and can work best whether you are a newbie or an experienced employee as well as whether you were a freelancer or not. Take note though that this is not a copied and pasted version of your resume, okay? It is an online resume that showcases how well you handled past projects, listing them down in your work history on the platform. In addition, make use of LinkedIn’s custom URL link so that employers can easily find your profile. You should also make use of essential keywords to get you noticed for your knowledge and skills.

best resume format 2015 penFormatting with an interesting career summary is also a good resume 2016 to use if you were an experienced worker or executive. However, make it compelling and very specific to your position and therefore should be listed with company names and figures.

best resume format 2015 cOne or two-column resume is another best resume format 2016 to use if you would like to organize your resume for a specific position, and speaking of organization, you can just limit your resume to one or two pages (the longest). And part of formatting the resume well is a much optimized one using specific keywords tailored to highlight your abilities, knowledge and skills (e.g. increased sales by up to ___%, handled a team of 100 people…)

You are now well on your way to creating a very impressive resume to help you shine among the rest by writing with the best resume format 2016 to use when applying for any job. These are proven-effective tips to help you land that dream job you are looking for! Finally, whatever format to use, you don’t submit anything you don’t completely read, okay? If you need some help, find an online resume editor to give you a hand in creating the flawless resume format to kick start your career. Get started choosing from resume formats 2016 today!

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