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There are latest CV formats that you can check out on the internet and it is important to know about it especially if you do not know what format you can use. Here are some of the formats for CV that you can use.

Formats of CV

The fact is that you can use different formats in getting the attention of the reader, to target specific hob and to meet your career aims. In CV format, you need to include personal information, personal profile as well as qualifications.

best and professional formats of cvPerformance CV: A performance curriculum vitae is one of the most used types for CV. It will highlight job title and the name of the company. In here, you need to start writing your recent job and you need to begin by writing your achievements section.

Latest CV Sample

This is a latest CV sample for performance CV that you can follow to get creative resume ideas

John Jones
12 Any Street, Birmingham

Profile: A confident, motivated and organized PA having fifteen years of experience. Communicates effectively and confidently to meet the standards. Always strive in achieving set goals and seek new challenges to have a good career.


  • Promoted to role of PA to General Manager at Me Packaging
  • Completed marathon, raising 5 dollars for charity
  • Completed guiding girl US adult leadership


  • Birmingham Royal Hospital Secretary
  • 2006-2011
  • Provide administrative and secretarial support to junior doctors team
  • Summarize all incoming patients’ medical records
  • Arrange meeting, deal with appointment requests and manage diary
  • Copy typing and audio typing of operating lists and clinic letters
  • Birmingham Council Secretary


  • Provide secretarial support
  • Typed documents and other letters
  • Update record with the use of computer spreadsheet software


Birmingham Further Education

First aid work

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formats of functional cvFunctional CV: In this formats of CV, you need to promote your achievements and skills in 6 functional headings. For instance, if you are applying to work in retail role, you need to include headings for sales and customer service. In addition, functional CV is similar with targeted CV wherein the focus is on the skills. In here, you need to write 3 to 6 headings for your skills, but in targeted CV, you need to write for achievements and abilities. The good thing in using this format is that you can able to highlight your skills. In each subheading, it is important to include about your experience and skills. You can write about your voluntary work, paid work or education. You can use this format if you want to change your work, if you have gaps in your work history and if you want to highlight your skills.

latest Targeted CV sampleTargeted CV: A targeted CV is skill based format. This is useful if you want to change your career because what you will do is to be focus in writing your experience and transferable skills instead of writing about the job title, company and how long your experience. It is targeted because your aim is to get a specific job. In here, it is important to include achievements and abilities sections.

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latest Combination CV sampleCombination CV format: In this format, you will combine your skills and work experience. If you have a good employment history and you have great transferable skills, it is better when you use this format. It will show to the employer how highly qualified you are. You can also include other sections such as education, achievements, qualifications, accomplishments and others.

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There are also other formats and 2016 resume trends that you can check online wherein you may choose to use chronological, combination format. In writing the CV, there is not exact format rule, but what you need to do is to learn what to include and what you should not in your paper. Depending on what you gained, you need to choose the best format.

There you have the formats for CV that you can choose from. It is important to know what format you will use based on your skills or work experience. You should not just use a format without knowing what the purpose of it is. Start to write your CV while you have much time. Finally, proofread and edit your paper to ensure it does not contain any grammatical errors.

Learn more about formats of CV today!

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