Chronological Resume Format

If you graduated from college and seeking a career change, one of the important things you need to do is writing a resume. A resume will be your first step in getting a job and there are different types of CV format you can choose from including chronological resume format. This page will discuss what chronological resume is all about.

chronological resume format chronological format resume

What Is Chronological Format Resume?

A chronological resume is the simplest types of writing a resume and it is preferred by employers. It’s a fact-based paper allowing employers to check for your qualifications and experience. Writing it is so easy because you are writing on your own. It is about the lists of your work history and a great format for people who have a solid work history.

What to Include in Chronological Resume

In a chronological CV, here is what components that must need to contain:

  • Personal details: In here, you need to put your full name and contact details that include a telephone number, email address, and mailing address.
  • Objective: This part is optional and it is where you briefly define what your career objectives are.
  • Work experience: In this section, you should start with the recent position. You need to list all your work experience even though it is not employment-based. You need to use bullet points in describing your duties and responsibilities. Make sure to provide the most current position and begin with an action word such as built, organized or consulted.
  • Education: Always begin with writing about your highest degree. List all the schools you’ve attended and any degrees or diplomas including minor and majors you have received.
  • References: Only put references that know you and available upon request. Do not ever put a reference especially if they don’t know that you get them or list them on your resume.

Finally, a chronological CV is a nice type in creating a CV. You can also check out a sample of chronological resume format so that you have an idea on how you can get started because it serves as your basis but if the tips above is helpful for you, then this is the time to start writing your resume by using a chronological format. In addition, you may get more information concerning Professional Resume Format on our site.

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