Curriculum Vitae Sample Format

A curriculum vitae or CV is sometimes described as a long form resume. In practice, the CV is a full description of your career, rather than the nationally simpler resume format. Formats for this type of document can be complex.

When you look at a curriculum vitae sample format online, you will note that many CV formats are quite different, they vary from format of functional resume to combination one. Basic CV formats are very simple, but highly developed CV formats, designed for professionals and experienced people in midcareer are obviously much more complex.

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Curriculum Vitae Formats

CV formats have changed considerably in recent years. Modern CVs are much more flexible, and often contain a range of optional sections and information elements. The older-style traditional curriculum vitae format is progressively evolving, reflecting career environments, and employer needs.

This is the core Curriculum Vitae format, which contains all the basic information:

  • Header Your name and contact details
  • Education Showing accredited academic qualifications, certifications in the formal mode, i.e. degree/institution/year.
  • Experience or work history your work history in reverse chronological order, defining your job title, employer, dates of employment, and related employment information.
  • References At least two referees

New Curriculum Vitae formats may differ considerably from the basic CV style:

  • Qualifications and experience may be separated in the top two paragraphs. This is the more modern CV style and is becoming common in commercial and professional environments.
  • Experience and work history may contain additional information in the form of professional achievements related to each position.
  • The Achievements section may be separate, placed directly below the Qualifications and Experience sections.

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Choosing the CV Style That’s Best for You

Modern CVs do allow for an excellent presentation, and the different styles are well suited to many types of career environment. In sales, for example, the qualifications and experience parts also usually include a list of essential job criteria.

To decide which CV style is best suited to your needs, choose a curriculum vitae sample document.

Now consider:

  • Does this CV format give you the combination of different types of information you need?
  • Do you have enough space for your targeted information?
  • Does the CV format present well and the overall layout look good?

If you’re thinking that these are issues that you usually consider when you’ve finished your document, you’ve understood the problem – The choice of format, inevitably, dictates the final document. A good format will deliver a good CV.

Presentation and Layout

Document presentation is the other big issue when choosing a CV format. As a matter of fact, one of the quick ways to evaluate a CV format is to make a curriculum vitae PDF. The PDF document, derived from a Word document or template, should look very good.

A standout CV is a must-have asset. Your application should look good, as well as be good. Consider this to be basically the same thing as a business presentation. Your CV should be well organized, easy to read and provide all the required information.

Use color and text features like text boxes to improve readability. Focus on making your CV a combination of good first impression and high-value information.

Above all –Take the time to quality check your CV. That’s the one thing even the best formatting can’t do for you. Get your best resume format for freshers and your content right, and you’ve got a winner CV.

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