Discover the Latest Trends in CV Writing 2017

latest trends in cv writing 2017

Latest Trends in CV – Font, Templates, Title

It is very important to keep up with the resume trends 2017. With this development, recruiters and employers want you to carry out thorough findings and be well-informed in this particular field. It is a fact that nobody has the time to scan through a voluminous resume any longer. The pages of resumes have been reduced to two in 2017.

For you to land that your dream job, make sure your resume in line with the latest trends in CV writing 2017. You will not be keeping up with the times if you are still having a bad online presence. Take down all online information that portrays you otherwise, if you are pursuing a profession.

That function you attended and got drunk should not be included on your Facebook account. You probable employers will discover it and you know the end of the story. You will not be called; no matter how qualified you are for the position. On the whole, your online presence will soon become your resume, going by the latest trends in CV writing 2017.

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How You Can Create a Resume Using the Latest Trends in CV Writing 2017

  • Colorful fonts are abolished

In the latest trends in CV writing 2017, there is n more colorful fonts. What this is saying is that gone are the days where you could be tremendously creative with your resume. How do you expect your likely employer to read a light yellow font? This will not be acceptable in 2017. A professional document like resume is always written in black to shun eye strain and inaccurate reading.

  • One page resume
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In 2017, a page resume will be the order of the day. There is no sufficient time to waste by both the employers and managers. All you have to do in 2017 is to summarize your abilities and knowledge very well, or else your resume will not meet up with the latest trend in CV writing 2017. Despite the fact that the space will be restricted, your entries should sum everything up and leave nothing out. Although this is a skill, the fact is that you just have to master it if you want to achieve success in your job hunting in 2017.

  • Employing an expert

These companies are springing up suddenly due to the fact that people are too occupied trying to meet up with the latest trends. These organizations keep up with the most recent resume format, just to mention a few. With this latest development therefore, there is absolutely a market for specialized resume writers, which will even be larger in 2017.

  • Applicant tracking machines are growing more popular

Part of the latest trends in CV writing 2017 is that you must have the capability of writing a resume with certain keywords that will be eventually picked up by the ATS of the company.

  • No need of listing all schools attended

With the new trends in 2017 resume writing, you are not required to list all the schools attended. Resumes are getting rid of all needless information and it will even be more summarized in 2017. You are required to show only those schools with the highest credentials or the ones that are significant to your application.

  • LinkedIn profile
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In the last few years, LinkedIn has actually taken off and there would be no difference in 2017. As a result, your LinkedIn profile would most likely be your online resume. This is the place employers are getting good candidates at the moment. It is most likely that you would not need to apply for jobs any longer in the near future with this development. Before you even learn about the job, your probable employer would even call you.

  • Companies might design their own resume format

These days, a lot of information is sent online. Several organizations will send you a certain document you have to fill and return it back to them as a resume. You would merely be capturing your data on their system, so you don’t have to use your own format of resume for job.

  • Your Twitter account will be a new resume trend in 2017

The employers will now be going to Twitter to view your online presence in 2017. Therefore, ensure you have a certified twitter account. Try as much as possible to be consistent, even as you share your knowledge with your followers. This could be regarded as leadership skills.

  • Bullets and numbers will be a must

As a matter of fact, the latest trends in CV writing 2017 will no longer feature paragraph style resumes. This is because it is almost not possible to write a professional resume without the use of numbers and bullets. Employers will begin to insist on this for an easy point read.

  • Demonstrated experience is a must

Long gone are the days when you have to lie on your resume. These days, you would be required to provide proof of these skills and experiences that you claim to have.

With how technology is developing, things will be more condensed in 2017. Latest trends in CV writing 2017 will continue to emerge apart from those highlighted above. If you are a job seeker therefore, make sure you don’t joke with your online presence as it is vital. The Internet is where you will get the latest information on job openings and latest resume format. Furthermore, profiles such as LinkedIn will be more popular and will replace resume in future. Endeavor to have a professional resume on LinkedIn because you never know whether your next invitation for interview will come from there.

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