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Can a professional cover letter sample help you?

professional cover letter sample
In today’s highly competitive job market you need every chance you can get to make yourself stand out as a candidate worthy of an interview. Your cover letter is not an opportunity to repeat what you have already written in your resume; it is an opportunity to show off your communication skills and make yourself stand out. Many recruiters will not even look at a resume if it is not accompanied by a cover letter as it shows that you are not that serious about the job. Your cover letter needs to make you look like the most obvious choice to interview and a good professional cover letter sample will show you how to do that.

Where can you find a good cover letter sample?

There are hundreds of professional cover letter examples that you will find with a quick search online including those that are on our site. You will notice however that all of them are different (assuming the site that you are looking at has not copied there sample from another site as some do.) Each professional cover letter sample, however, will be less than a page in length and each will be trying to do the same thing, to impress the reader and to let them see you as the best fit for the advertised position.

What should a professional cover letter sample cover?

professional cover letter examplesOur professional cover letter sample will show you how to craft your own cover letter to help you to make that positive first impression when the recruiter looks at your letter. Your cover letter will need to;

  • Focus on key accomplishments and relate them to the specific job requirements
  • Show that you are a perfect fit for the role in question
  • Show that you see yourself fitting within the company and why (What are the company goals and values?)
  • Make you stand out from the crowd
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How to write a cover letter samples

Our samples have been written to demonstrate how your letter should be written, your letter, however, needs to focus specifically on the role to which you are applying and not just be a copy of what we have written. A professional cover letter sample needs to be adapted specifically for you and will need to be written carefully with the following things in mind:

  • Don’t just repeat the content of your resume
  • Make your opening interesting to draw in the reader
  • Pick 3-5 key requirements from the advert and show how you meet them
  • Address your letter to a named individual if possible
  • Avoid any negatives
  • Request an interview and inform them that you will do a follow-up
  • Proofread thoroughly to avoid any errors

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