Excellent Nursing Resume Format

In order to convince the manager that you are one of the best candidates, show in your resume what they are looking for. Creating an attention-grabbing resume is a daunting task but you need to do it in order to satisfy the employer. Check this nursing resume template to help you in writing.

According to inc.com  79 percent of job seekers use social media in their job search. This figure increases to 86 percent of younger job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their careers.

Best Nursing Resume Template

nursing resume format

  • Contact information: You need to write your name, phone, address and email address.
  • Objective: This section must be specific but optional. It states about what youre applying to
  • Qualification summary: Write key points that are related to what you are applying
  • Relevant clinical or nursing experience: Show and tell to the hiring manager what you have done and it is better when you include experience you had
  • Other employment experience: Listing employment outside nursing field is essential
  • Skills summary: Tell about your specific skills
  • Education: List all schools you attended, certifications, awards, year you graduated and degree you take
  • Volunteer work: If you have volunteer works, be sure to include it because it helps you with your application especially if it is related to nursing.

Tips in Writing Nurse Resume

  • nurse resume formatDo not be too general: In a nurse resume template, you should not write in general. Hiring managers want to know your specific abilities and skills. It is better when you give specific information.
  • Highlight accomplishments and not your duties: As a nurse, the employer knows your duties and responsibilities. Instead of writing it, it is better when you write an accomplishment section. Provide accomplishment that sets yourself apart from others.
  • Customize: To impress the employer, customizing your professional resume format to meet his needs is a nice decision. You should not follow the old trends. Even though you are using a simple format, be sure to customize it. For instance, you can place your contact information on the right side and other details in left side. Be sure to bold the sections.

You will not have much hard time in writing your resume when you know what things you will consider. Writing a resume is not a hard thing to do but only a daunting task. If you do your best and you spend sufficient time to finish writing it, you have the best result.

If you are interested in proper layout, then you might enjoy learning more about a government resume format.

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