Federal Resume Template

What is a federal resume template? It is a pattern used to organize one’s professional experience and personal information when applying for a job position in the government. This is a helpful pattern as it helps applicants organize the information accordingly, thus creating a more professional look for a resume.

federal resume template federal job resume template

Things to Consider When Looking for a Federal Resume Example

There are numerous websites (free or paid) available online where one can choose the executive resume template they want, fill in the necessary information and get new resume. However, there are certain things to consider, information to include and not to include when it comes to choosing federal job resume template.

  • Format. The format of the template must have professional look. It must be neat and organized according to the significance of information presented. A common federal resume has one-inch four-corner margin, single-spaced with non-justified alignment and 12-point font. The name of the applicant is located at the upper center of the page with significantly larger font than the rest of the document.

If the resume has more than one page, use a header or footer with the applicant’s name and contact information. If the template includes bullets, make sure that they are properly aligned and organized.

  • Candidate Information. This should reflect all the essential information the employer or evaluator needs to know about the applicant or candidate. It should include the candidate information such as full name, contact information, citizenship and federal employee information.
  • Work experience. This is one of the most important parts of a federal job resume template. This part determines the applicant’s previous employer, its address, the position he or she assumed with the corresponding start and end date and the duties and responsibilities he or she performed.
  • Education. This reflects the applicant’s educational background such as the university where he or she graduated (with corresponding year), the grade point average, honors received and other related accomplishments.
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Applicants can get a federal resume example from various websites that specializes on professional resume template writing. However, they have to make sure that the sample is available for viewing before downloading it to see that they have the right format for a federal application.

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