Find What Is New CV and Cover Letter Format 2015

In a lot of ways, your cover letter is your workhorse. It’s your first foot through the door. It’s not the key, and it’s going to gain you full access, but it’s a step in the right direction. You see, whilst arming yourself with a top quality resume is pretty darn great (and we encourage it!), arming yourself with a top quality letter is equally as good.

According to just 10% of Hiring Managers/Recruiters/HR reps said they read cover letters.

This is because of most – if not all – hiring managers will take a look at your cover letter first. Think of this as a litmus test of sorts. If the letter is unimpressive, it’ll go straight into the No, thanks! pile. If it’s awesome, the hiring manager will move onto your resume. In this way, your letter is fundamental, and it’s essentially a slice of self-advertising and marketing. We offer you to read 2015 resume formats.

new cv format 2015 new cv-format 2015
You might be thinking that you already have a great document and that you know all the ins and the outs. Perhaps it’s the same one you’ve had since 1999. Perhaps the last time you used it was in 2007 when it secured you your last job. You love this letter. It’s brilliant and you can always trust it when you need it.

But this is 2015 now. There is a new CV format 2015 out there – and there is a new document format. What worked in 2007 won’t work now. Heck, what worked in 2014 isn’t guaranteed to work now! For this reason, its time got clued up on the new CV format 2015 – as well as the new cover letter format.

As any cover letter examples 2015 will show you, the document format for 2015 can be broken down into 4 parts:

  • Salutation
  • Opening paragraph
  • Middle paragraph
  • Closing paragraph


A salutation is a greeting; a salutation in any walk of life is the moment we first establish a connection with someone. On your cover letter, the salutation is the moment where you connect with your hiring manager – and potential employer – for the first time. And because first impressions are everything, the salutation is hugely important. You need to introduce yourself very briefly and keep things professional. If you are unsure how to nail this part, check out some cover letter examples 2015.

Opening Paragraph

new cv format 2015After the salutation comes the opening paragraph. This is the part where you need to tell the reader how you came to find out about the job position. Perhaps you found it via the Internet social media, or perhaps somebody told you about it.

Middle Paragraph

Now we’re coming to the important bit, and to make sure you get this right, you might want to check out a cover letter sample 2015. This is the part where you really sell yourself by writing about your skills and abilities, and why you are the right candidate for the job. Here you can include your major accomplishments. These can act as a hook to make the hiring manager want to continue reading.

Closing Paragraph

Now it’s time to say goodbye. We hate goodbyes, but hiring managers hate really bad goodbyes more than anything else. For this reason, you need to end on a high and give the hiring manager a reason for wanting to move onto your resume. Tell them about your availability for an interview, as well as your contact details and write how you are looking forward to hearing from them. If you are still unsure, check out a cover letter sample 2015.

If you’re struggling with your CV and cover letter and know that it needs updating for 2015, check out our page today for some awesome new CV format 2015 tips and tricks!

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