Format of Functional Resume

If you’re not familiar with the format of a functional resume, you may find it a bit disorienting. Functional resumes start with qualifications and experience as separate sections at the top of the resume.

Functional-Resume-Format functional resume format template

There is an advantage in this type of formatting. Many job advertisements focus strongly on qualifications, skill sets and experience, and this type of formatting instantly delivers that information, clearly laid out.

Functional resumes are considered sales resumes, focusing strongly on business values for employers. These resumes can be particularly effective in a commercial environment and are often used as formats for professional resumes in fields like IT, engineering, and other very strongly skills-oriented environments.

One of the critical advantages of the functional resume format is that this layout allows good presentation of large amounts of relevant information. Modern resumes have moved away from the traditional chronological resume format, particularly for executive-level and senior professional resumes.

These resumes focus very strongly on achievements, as well as core information. Functional resumes offer a much better range of layout options for this purpose.

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Functional Resume Values

If you look at functional resume format templates and all kinds of the best professional resume formats online, you will note that the various examples allow plenty of space for even quite detailed information. You will also note that the information is laid out for easy readability, and very efficiently separates different elements and subjects.

The first two sections can be very effectively broken up into discrete elements, like skill sets, which are usually also primary essential job criteria. Text boxes can be used for specific information, often using color inserts to highlight specific information.

If you’re thinking that this layout looks very much like a magazine layout in some ways, you’re quite right. This is the most efficient use of document space, and also makes resumes much easier to read.

Consider that the reader of your resume may well have also just read 50 other resumes, and you can easily see why readability is so important. Large amounts of solid text do not make easy reading. Bullet points, line and section separations, text boxes, and graphics drastically improve readability and actually save space.

PDF is not always better than Word document. In essence it can make you “invisible”.

Megan Pittsley-Fox, Chief HR Officer

The other huge advantage of functional resumes is their flexibility. The functional resume format is actually quite easy to work with. A good template will allow you plenty of options for good formatting choices.

Layout and Presentation Stand out Values

A critical issue for any resume is a presentation. Modern resume layouts use a combination of color and space management to make them stand out. Old resume styles are comparatively dull, anonymous-looking, and don’t really stand out at all.

The uses of color and contrast highlight your resume and create an instant market presence for your application. Your resume will be instantly visible, well presented, and make a good impression on your readers.

Consider your layout options, and consider your presentation preferences. You can select a layout which is perfect for your needs and gives you the professional image that you want. Be patient, and take your time to evaluate your options. You’ll have a new resume which you are happy to provide to employers, business associates. It will be worth it.

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