Freshers Resume Format 2016

If you’re writing CV format for a job application and you’re a fresher or an entry-level, how do you write your CV? This is one of the most basics you have to know so that you can come up with an effective document for your job application. Check out the following tips for ways on how to come up with a good resume as well as some problems and fixes you have to remember when writing one.

2016 resume format for freshers resume format for job application professional resume format for freshers

Professional Resume Format for Freshers

2016 resume formatYour CV should be from one to two pages only. It should not be written too long to avoid losing the interest of the reader.

2016 resume formatYour document must be customized per job application so that you can make a difference by showing you understand the requirements and that you are truly interested in the job.

2016 resume formatIt must be of a professional format. Choose from good fonts, including Arial and Calibri and make sure that you keep the size to 12 and not less than 10.

2016 resume formatIt must be free from grammar and spelling errors to ensure that you won’t be disappointing your reader with a CV full of mistakes.

2016 resume formatIt must be easy to read with your personal and contact details on top of it.

On top of that, using professional LinkedIn writing services may really help you get noticed by a recruiter.

While the average length of an interview is 40 minutes, 33% of 2000 surveyed bosses indicated they know within the first 90 seconds if they will hire that candidate. (According to

Mistakes and Fixes in Professional Resume Template for Freshers

resume format for job application Bad: CV with lots of grammar and spelling errors.

Good: read your document a couple of times, check for these mistakes and correct them.

2016 resume format for professionals Bad: Too long CV

Good: Keep it to only one page if possible.

2016 resume format for freshers Bad: Generic document for all job applications

Good: Tailor your CV per job application, according to 2016 new resume format experts.

new 2016 resume format Bad: Listing all job experiences even those irrelevant

Good: List down only the most significant ones related to the application.

professional 2016 resume format Bad: Colorful fonts and fancy paper

Good: Use a professional font, including Arial and Times New Roman and use a legal size paper

Writing 2016 professional resume format for freshers should be easy, friend, especially if you would follow these tips as well as avoid the blunders we’ve listed above. With our tips, you can write really cool CV.  Just follow them and be a winner.

Learn more about writing your resume for a more effective resume output.

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