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functional format resumeThe functional format resume emphasizes more on the qualifications and skills of an applicant that he or she would like to highlight for the recruiter to notice. The main sections in a functional resume format example are: the qualifications summary, the selected accomplishments and certain professional achievements.

Is the Functional Format Resume Important?

In a practical viewpoint the functional format resume has certain advantages because it can be modified to fit the personality of the applicant with the criteria and requirements of the job that is being applied for. An applicant can modify the functional resume to provide the recruiter a more detailed view of his her salient skills and qualifications.

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Functional Format Resume Checklist

To fully take advantage of the format of functional resume, it is best to create a draft of your qualifications and skills that fit the job you are interested in then compare it with the requirements of the job.

Be sure to create the following sections in your resume: qualifications summary, selected accomplishments, professional experience, and educational qualifications. Afterwards incorporate the necessary details within the sections mentioned. Pay more attention to the relevant skills and qualifications that you may have in common with the job requirements, and then put emphasis on it.

The Best Functional Format Resume Layout

The best outline for the functional resume format example is to strategically position all skills and qualifications on the first part of your resume where the Hiring Manager cannot miss it. Use legible fonts in size 10 or size 12. Ensure that there are no wrong grammars or wrong spellings within the resume because Hiring Managers are quite astute about this. That is why it is best to edit before forwarding your application to any potential employer.

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When applying online do not saturate your format of functional resume with keywords just keep it to a minimum and place it in sections where it is relevant. Over usage of keywords in online applications may get your application rejected at the end most likely when you are not really suitable for the job.

What is more, you can have a look at our quick tips on the diploma resume format and the resume format for interview.

So if you need help with your functional format resume, just give us a call!

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