How Resume Format 2016 Can Help You?

Writing your application using correct resume format 2016 and 2016 resume trends can help increase your chances for the job. Remember, your main goal to writing is to win an interview. If you do well in your resume, then that reality isn’t far from reach. In this case, you may want to learn of the best formats to use for your resume in this year’s application. Check out the following.

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Proper Resume 2016 Format

There are three most used formats in writing a resume: reverse chronological, functional and combined or hybrid. However, choosing which among them to use can make a difference in your application because each of them can help you emphasize on the specific aspects of yourself and things you can do. Follow our resume tips 2016 when choosing the right format.

  1. Reverse Chronological Format: This resume 2016 format is used by applicants with solid years of employment, meaning they don’t have career gaps. It is also suitable for those who have been working in the same industry for many years, meaning applicants that stay in the same field. This format is best used by experienced applicants who want to emphasize their professional experience in a particular position like sales and marketing. The format can demonstrate the accomplishments one has in every company where he worked.
  2. Functional Resume: The format is best used by applicants with the familiarity of the skills and knowledge required in the job. However, the resume is best used by people who career gaps or by those who are shifting from one industry to another. It may also be for those who have been terminated at least once in their job. This resume format is more focused on the professional skills other than in the work experience. It may be for you if you are changing careers and if you think your skills and knowledge from another industry are transferrable for the new career you are pursuing.
  3. Combined or Hybrid Format: This is the best resume format 2016 if you want to draw attention both on the features offered by the other two resumes. This is one of the best to use by people who have both the work experience and the expertise in the job. It highlights someone’s level of knowledge, abilities and skills in the position offered by combining the work experience and the accomplishments showing familiarity and effectiveness for the role.

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What Is New in 2016 Resume Format?

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  1. Formatting

    • Header containing your name (larger than the rest of the text), contact number, mailing address and email address
    • Education containing your academic background with the schools attended, year of graduation, GPA and so o

    • Work experience containing significant work experiences related to the job, not listing all the jobs you handled if they have nothing to do with the industry or with highlighting benefits you can offer

    • Activities containing your extra-curricular activities related to the field

    • Skills containing language skills, leadership skills, software skills and so on

  1. Visual resumes, including videos, infographic, graph style
  2. Social media resumes on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  3. Keyword optimized resumes, using important search terms for exposing an applicant better in applicant tracking software used by many firms
  4. Using buzzwords or industry specific words to highlight your familiarity of the industry and of the job
  5. Quantifiable claims, listing of accomplishments that are backed up by numbers or facts to prove they are real

How to Use Proper Resume Format for 2016

You do not just go for any type of resume without considering certain factors, including your work experience, familiarity with the job and so on. By choosing the right format or style, you can draw attention to the most significant aspects of yourself, including your accomplishments. With the right format, you can also help your reader understand you better in terms of determining if you are the right candidate for the job.

There you have your complete guide to proper resume format for 2016 that will help you achieve your purpose of getting an interview invitation and eventually landing the job. Study your options well and choose from the formats available, which are suitable for your career level, industry and expertise as well as based on the specific elements you want to highlight about yourself.

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