How to Begin: Best Resume Examples 2016

best resume examples 2016

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Just like other components of job applications, resumes are also evolving. From the time that bio-data was used to this time when different types of resumes have come out the surface, and these include video resumes and infographic resumes, among others. Today, let’s discuss a few of the trendiest resumes that will help you in creating the most effective one to use in your next job applications.

Resume Example 2016: The Latest Formats

resume example 2016

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  1. Infographic resume: These are data, figures and statistics resume examples for 2016 that can help you win your job application because they can display your best assets, including your achievements in your field. You can stand out from the crowd by using infographic resume that is driven by visuals and figures. Ideal for those in the graphics field, website development industry, artist and creative industries
  2. Video resumes: Another great resume example 2016, a video resume has the power to be viral and be shared online. This can help you get your message across to the potential employer by letting them know why you are suitable for the job. It can also help the hiring manager understand about you at a glance. This can be created and combined with still images and pictures as well as tables and graphs, among other elements that can help in displaying someone’s ability, knowledge and skills in an instant. Ideal for candidates in almost any fields, especially for newbie applicants who want to get their message across in a straightforward manner and for those who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd by letting the hiring manager learn about their value proposition in a specific job
  3. Social resumes: These resume examples for 2016 are perfect in today’s age because this can be shared across platforms, including LinkedIn. This simple resume format is perfect for applying in any job, too, especially that most employers now are background checking their applicants on social media. Ideal for candidates in almost all industries, including artists, writers, authors, web developers and so on. If you need help with your account data, a professional LinkedIn profile writer can easily help you out.

These are three non-traditional resumes that can help you in winning your next job application.

Make use of our resume tips 2015 and increase your chances to succeed.

Finally, learn more about creating such resume examples for 2016 today!

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