How to Choose Proper Format of Resume for Job

What format of resume for job suits you? In applying, it is important that you select the right kind of format so that you can highlight certain aspects, such as your work experience, skills and qualifications. In today’s guide, you will learn how to choose the proper format for your resume for the job by looking into these resume tips.

What is Format of Resume for Job?

Before starting your resume preparation, you need to understand what a format is. It is the design of your resume. It is how you arrange information you present, depending on what kind of information you want to emphasize. There are specific types of styles that will flatter and cater to job histories, and such is called the chronological format. On the other hand is the resume format that focuses on the skills of the applicant, something called the functional format. Finally is the combination or hybrid format is one that combines both features of the first two mentioned.

What are the Types of Resume for Job Application?

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  1. Reverse chronological is the format that lists your employment and education and it starts from the most recent going backward.
  2. Functional format is the one that shows things you can do and not only relaying what you have done. It means that you don’t only focus on the job description but on your accomplishments, too.
  3. Combination resume format is the fusion of both formats, emphasizing both the work experience and the skills and qualifications for the job.
  4. Narrative resume format is an outdated format of the chronological resume that begins with your oldest information and employment starting from the most recent information.
  5. Professional resume format is one of the resumes that have spawned from the traditional resumes. This type is focusing on the professional activities and qualifications.
  6. International CV is the resume for job application that includes an excruciatingly detailed type of resume, which is used in an overseas job application.
  7. Academic CV is the type that of resume that is a comprehensive biographical resume, which can be composed of up to 10 pages.

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Job Resume Templates

  1. Accomplishment type of resume is a variation of the combination CV that can include your accomplishments and qualifications.
  2. Portfolio may include your samples and it is used in marketing, arts and contracting fields.
  3. Linear resume is the type of resume format that makes use of short and quick overview of information, but not giving too many details.
  4. Keywords are also non-conventional resumes, which are used in many search databases.

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Suggestions on Format of Resume for Job

  • If you have a solid work pattern, you may use the reverse chronological format.
  • For the people in ex-military or rookie applicants, you may use the hybrid or the functional resume format.
  • Seasoned professionals can make use of the functional or combination resumes.
  • For professionals, you can use the academic based CV or the portfolio based one.
  • Technical people can utilize the reverse chronological or the accomplishment.
  • For those with multi-track job history, you can make use of the hybrid or the functional resume.
  • For business, you can utilize the accomplishment based or the reverse chronological.
  • For the people with work history gaps, there is the hybrid or functional resume.
  • For people in the teaching or arts field is the academic CV or the professional resume.
  • For applicants with special issues, you can make use of the hybrid or the functional resume.

There you have the most used formats of the resume for job application that will cater to your experience and skills. In this case, you will have to choose the proper format that will help you increase your chances to be noticed and be invited for an interview.

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