How to Make a Killer LinkedIn Profile

For those wondering how to write a killer LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to focus on the possibilities of your profile, and use it as a career asset. Your LinkedIn profile is a marketing option for your services and your business.

Basic elements of a killer LinkedIn profile

The five basic elements of a LinkedIn profile are:

how to write a killer linkedin profile correctlyhow to write a killer linkedin profile and dont miss your chanceThe “professional headline” about who you are and what you do – This is an opportunity to establish yourself in your niche, advertising your expertise. Your pitch should target a specific market orientation, like projects. You need to show deliverable benefits in this area as a value proposition.

know how to write a killer linkedin_profilehow to write a killer linkedin profile and dont miss your chanceYour business contact details – Select good, SEO-friendly contact options. You have the option to link to three websites on your LinkedIn profile summary, so integrate your LinkedIn profile and your site SEO. LinkedIn search is very good at finding people, so consider a contact option which is easy for you and a good search option for your services.

how to make a great linkedin profile wellhow to write a killer linkedin profile and dont miss your chanceSummary of services and your call to action or invitation to readers to use your services or get in contact – Your summary of services needs to be clearly laid out. Don’t use vast slabs of text, use simple descriptors. Your call to action should be “let’s talk/let’s do business”, which is, after all, what LinkedIn is all about. Be objective and focus on deliverables in motivational contexts which relate to results and goals your clients naturally how to write a great cv

how to write a killer linkedin profile and dont miss your chanceYour skills, experience, knowledge, and professional credentials – Use only the space provided, because people won’t be looking anywhere else for these things. Simply lay out your information clearly; using skills descriptors which are good search terms for your work.

how to write a killer linkedin profile and dont miss your chanceYour other areas of interest – Your other areas of interest may be business, hobbies, or whatever. how to make a great linkedin profileThese areas of interest are contact points with other people on LinkedIn. They’re also a big part of the social network of LinkedIn, they’re fun, and they’re a great way of meeting people with common interests.

That’s how to make a great LinkedIn profile. Take the time to really check the quality of your LinkedIn information. Consider your profile as a real opportunity to develop your professional contacts and present yourself and your business well.

Important – Remember to update your profile! Do it regularly, and make sure no “old news” is still lurking on your profile when it shouldn’t be there. You’ll find it’s easy to keep your LinkedIn profile looking great. See some useful data below:create killer linkedin profile

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