How to Update Resume Effectively

Updating your cv can be a pretty confusing process. What do you throw out, what do you include, how do you manage new information? If you’re wondering how to write your resume, we have some pointers for you.

Editing information for your updated resume and managing space

The most important thing about updating a cv really is literally “updating”, keeping your information current. New information, like a new job, new skills, or new qualifications, obviously has to be included. So if you have to come to resume analysis, all the time.

After you’ve added your new information, the question is now, what should be left out, or rewritten? This is the tricky bit. You’ll notice that your new information has added at least a bit, or a lot, of extra space on your cv.

That space has to be reduced down to no more than two pages. You have to manage space, and maintain the quality of your information.

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This is how:

create a basic working resumehow to update resume correctly1. Create a basic working resume. This is your raw material, not your cv for job applications. It simply puts all your information in one place for you.

remove your oldest information2. Remove your oldest information, particularly if it’s more than 10 years old. This information is unlikely to be relevant to a current job application. You’ll find that over time this makes editing a lot easier.

Retain the useful information

3. Retain the useful information related to transferable skills, qualifications, knowledge, and experience. This information is always useful on your cv, and it’s the first thing employers look for when assessing your application.

rewrite your resume

4. You can rewrite your resume to match specific job application needs, so you can edit out unwanted materials on your basic cv.

focus on quality

5. Focus on quality and quantification of information. Performance indicators like sales figures can be quantified, indicating your skill levels.

keep your descriptions clear

6. Keep your descriptions of your responsibilities clearbut not excessively detailed. Your reader should get a clear picture of your job and role.

stick to showing key achievements

7. If you stick to showing key achievements for each role, you can avoid clutter and resume mistakes and still provide good indicators of your skills.


tips on how to update resume

Different types of resume, different editing options

doing resume update

If you’re finding a standard chronological resume difficult to update, a functional resume may be a much better option for you, focusing on skills, for example. Functional resumes also have benefits for those whose transferable skills are primary drivers in career mobility and progression.

When updating a resume, make sure your resume is easy to read. Stick to simple sentences and descriptions. Make your updated resume a good guide to your skills, and you’ll find updating is easy. Check our best resume template to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

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