Important Facts about English Resume Format

All resumes are important. We’re not going to tell you that one resume is more important than another, but it is essential that an English teacher gets their English resume format absolutely spot-on. After all, if your resume is badly formatted and littered with numerous grammatical errors, what does it say about your overall English skills and your ability to do the job correctly? It says a lot, and it says that you’re simply not up to the task.

According to there are 2,642 job postings for high school English teacher.

For this reason, a resume format for English teachers can’t leave any margin for error. Whether you’re an experienced English teacher who is looking for a new school, or whether you’re a recent graduate who is looking for your first full-time English teacher job, your resume is your workhorse, and if it’s badly formatted, you’ll be heading straight into the no pile.

english resume format  resume format for english teachers

Write Up A Career Summary

A lot of resumes don’t require a career summary, but unfortunately for you, a winning English teacher or banking resume format needs one. Because whilst every single job you ever apply for – be it in retail or in the teaching profession – will need you to show passion and enthusiasm, this is twice as important in the teaching game.

Your career summary needs to demonstrate that you’re committed to working in education and improving the lives of young people. It needs to show that you have the right kind of enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for English teaching and everything that comes with it. After all, the English teaching sector is very different to many others; employees don’t just come and go. They tend to stick around for a few years. Schools need to know that you’re the right candidate for them.

Include A URL TO Your Website

If you have a professional website where you keep the portfolio, you should stick it on your English resume format. There is a good chance the school will look you up online, and this could mean they come across profiles you’d rather they didn’t see. We recommend taking preventative steps, and by directing them to something you want them to see, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

Keep Your English Resume Format Simple

You’re an English teacher, so you’ll surely know the merits of brevity. Moreover, you’ll be well trained in the art of making information appear readable and engaging.

You then need to use this knowledge when it comes to your English resume format. It should be simple and readable, and you should use only the basic fonts – such as Times New Roman. Use no more than two pages.

Showcase Your Education

If you have a degree – or many than one – remember to include them. As an English teacher, your academic career is very important.

Proofread and Spell Check

We don’t need to tell you this, but it’s always nice to be reminded. Sometimes, if we’re in a rush, we get a little careless and decide against proofreading our resume format for English teachers. But this a fundamental error that could have serious drawbacks.

You’re an English teacher and thus your resume has to be impeccable. If there are mistakes, it will reflect really badly on you. Proofread over and over until you’re completely satisfied that everything is just right.

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