International Resume Format

Why Use an International Resume Format?

Your international standard resume format is important to use as it ensures that your resume is laid out in a manner that is instantly recognizable by the recruiter. A standard layout will ensure that the recruiter will be able to quickly find the information that they are looking for. This is vital as in many cases a recruiter will only spend a few seconds reviewing your CV before making any decision due to the volume of applications received. So if they are going to have to hunt around your CV to find anything then you are unlikely to get yourself selected for an interview. Using an international resume format and ensuring that it is tailored correctly to the job will enhance your chances of success.

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What Does an International Resume Format Look Like?

Look at our samples and examples of our international CV format if you want to see the layout of your resume and get some ideas as to what information you need to include. Of course, you will need to enter your own information onto our resume sample if you want to use it as a template for your own. If you do use our simple resume examples as a template then ensure that your international CV format maintains the following;

• Keep to a maximum of two pages as any more will just make information hard to find
• Maintain a 12pt font in an easy to read style; do not use strange difficult to read scripts to make your resume stand out
• Do not add any decorations of any type to your resume
• Section titles should not be fully capitalized but should be bolded
• Maintain good margins and keep a clear space between sections

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Writing Using an International Resume Format

Using an international CV format is no different to using any other format for your CV, such as for instance functional resume format. The important thing is that you carefully tailor what you write so that it fully reflects exactly what the recruiters are looking for. Carefully read everything you can about the company so that you know what the companies aims are as well as what they really want from their employees. Also carefully review the advertisement for the job to see exactly what skills and qualifications they are looking for. All of this information is what you need to use to write your resume in a way that will grab their attention.

Ensure that everything they value and want is mentioned within your resume and ensure that it is at the start of each section so that the recruiter can find it quickly during the limited time that they will spend reviewing your standard resume format or international resume format.

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