IT Manager Resume Format

The importance of a good IT manager resume format

IT manager resume formatCompetition for IT manager places is very fierce and it would not be unusual for hundreds of qualified individuals to apply for a single post. This gives the recruiters a tough task to do and you a lot of work if you want to impress. The recruiters are going to only spend a very short time reviewing each resume  looking for the right people to invite to interview. If the IT manager resume format that you have used manages to highlight the right skills and qualifications and bring them quickly to the reader’s attention then you have a good chance of getting selected.

The problem is that many applicants try to cram in as much information as they can onto their resume and that makes it very difficult for the recruiters to see if they match their needs as there is just too much information to review.

What is the very best IT manager resume format?

good it manager resume format


Our IT project manager resume sample is a good place to start for the best resume format.

Just remember that any sample resume or template will need to reflect your own personal skills and also the needs of the recruiter and not just be a copy of something online. If you really want to land an interview then you have to tailor your resume for the specific job you are applying for, this is the only way you can be sure that the recruiter is going to see the right information quickly and easily. Look at the following:

  • Review the advertisement for the post to review the specific requirements that they are looking for
  • Identify the company aims and values through reviewing their website
  • Use any other company documents or other sources of information to research the company

best-colors-for-it-manager-resume it-manager-resume-templates
As long as your skills and experience match their needs then you have a good chance to be selected, you just need to ensure that your resume, whether it be IT resume or manager resume, quickly brings them under the readers nose.


Writing the best IT manager resume

Once you know exactly what they are looking for you can use the information to complete your IT manager resume format. Carefully match your own skills and qualifications to their needs and:

  • Demonstrate skills and achievements by providing short examples
  • Put the most sought after skills and experience at the start of any section
  • Use clear space to draw attention to the start of different sections of your IT manager resume
  • Don’t over use text formatting; bold section headings only
  • Use clear easy to use text in an easy to read size (12pt), don’t use flowery or fancy scripts
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