IT Resume Format

Why Is Your IT Resume Format Important?

standard resume format for it professionalsWhen you apply for any job you will almost certainly be competing against possibly hundreds of other applicants that will all want to win an interview through their resume. So how do you ensure that your resume is going to make you stand out and help you to get selected? Well, the first thing to remember is that the recruiters time is going to be limited, if your resume does not follow a recognizable format or contains too much information then the recruiter will not have the time to seek out the information that they are looking for. You have to make the recruiter’s job as simple as possible and make what they are looking for so obvious that it literally jumps off the page. If you can achieve this through using an easy to read IT resume format then you stand a very good chance of being selected.

What Is an IT Resume Format?

Our samples follow a standard resume format for IT professionals so you will be able to see how you need to set up your IT resume. This can be used by use to create a template for your own resume but of course, you need to use your own personal information not just copy what you find online. Our samples for your IT resume format will need to be personalized but you still need to keep the formatting to ensure that it is as effective as possible. This will mean;

• Maintaining a simple 12pt font that is easy to read
• Don’t overuse text formatting, not every skill, qualification, or job requires being bolded or italicized
• Don’t add decorations to your pages, the resume format is functional not for decoration
• Maintain clear wide margins on all sides of the page so that it looks clean
• Keep clear space between sections rather than trying to cram as much on the paper as you can, clear space draws the eye and shows where information can be found

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Writing Your IT Resume

Using our IT resume format for your template is easy as long as you follow the guidelines above. A resume does not have to answer every possible question that the recruiter may have about you, that is the purpose of the interview. A resume , whether it be an international resume format or functional resume format, needs to show that you have all the experience and the qualifications that they are asking for within their job advert. So rather than submit a lengthy and crammed resume that is made to fit all jobs carefully review and tailor your resume to specifically reflect exactly what they are asking for;

• Put the most important skills and qualifications that they want to see at the start of a section
• Don’t exaggerate your skills
• Demonstrate your skills and achievement using short examples
• Carefully review and proofread what you have written

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