Job Interview Tips

In an interview, you need to impress the employer by answering confidently. You cannot do this when you are shy and you are nervous. With that in mind, knowing job interview tips will help you a lot and to stand out among others.

job interview tips

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Job Interview Tips

  • You need to arrive on time or as much as possible arrive early before the interview
  • Greet the interviewer
  • Do not sit unless being offered to chair
  • Sit upright and ensure that you always look interested and alert
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Follow interviewers lead
  • Ensure that you convey good points sincerely and actually

According to approximately 48 percent of employers lean on Google or other search engines to dig up some digital dirt. Facebook isn’t off limits either since 44 percent search that site and 27 percent of recruiters and/or hiring managers search a Twitter feed. Others take a look at Yelp and Glassdoor reviews.

What Not to Do

  • Avoid lying
  • Do not answer questions with just yes or no
  • Avoid making derogatory marks over your past employers
  • Ask about bonuses and salaries in the first interview
  • Let your discouragement show

How to Dress for a Professional Interview


  • Suit (must be dark color)
  • Long sleeved shirt ( must need to be white or coordinated with your suit)
  • Tie
  • Belt
  • Little or better no jewelry to wear
  • Professional and neat style
  • Limit aftershave
  • Briefcase or portfolio


  • Suit (navy or dark grey)
  • Suit skirt must be ling enough
  • Conservative shoes
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Limited jewelry (avoid wearing dangling)
  • Professional hairstyle

There you have the things you should know. In an interview, you need to look professional and interested. You can never get the attention of the interviewer when you failed to look professional and you do not look neat. As much as possible, exert effort and do your best. If you want to get that job, and then show that you are the person they are looking for. Do not give them a bad impression about you instead, satisfy and impress them. Moreover, you can information about educational resume format really useful, so read it.

To sum it up, be sure that you arrive early in your interview because the employer will not wait for late applicants and this means that you are not qualified for the job because you are not doing your best to show your best shot.

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