Job Trends for the Next 10 Years Might Not be What You Expect

There are gazillions of jobs that are considered as hot today. Now if you want to know about the job trends for the next 10 years that you do not expect, here is the list.

Job Trends for the Next 10 Years

  • Military personnel to be replaced by robots: Even though it is not being popular today, but there will be many individuals who will sign up to military service as their career. The United States will lead the way and it will be followed by other military forces that are advanced which include Russia, Israel and China. Front line troops will be replaced by drones, robots as well as other fighting mechanical machines, which mean the wars will become remote.
  • Wealth managers and private bankers to be replaced by algorithms: According to career trends, the next financial experts will be replaced by great machines, wherein it will be the personal wealth managers and the banker deal makers. The jobs include information arbitrage, which means the machines will know where your money is and how to return it.
  • Accountants, consulting engineers and lawyers will be replaced by artificial intelligence: All professionals that involve in dealing with information will be placed by the algorithms. Over the years, there are significant changes, but now the job of professional who are involved in information will be replaced by machines and this is one of the job market trends that you should be aware of.
  • Managers and brand coaches: On the record of Tomorrow today, it predicts that nearly twenty five percent employees who are working full time will be on demand, which means there will be increased by companies to hire freelancers when it comes to short contracts. After ten years, any jobs that can be done on digital distance will become more attractive for companies. Companies will opt to hire freelancers instead of staff. Because of the on demand in hiring freelancers, many persons need to brand themselves in order to win the competition. To do this, they need to add their skills that are related to self-promotion, self-management, administration, self-development and relentless marketing.
  • Professional triber: Since there will be more companies who opt to hire freelancers, the demand for professional triber will increase. Triber is a professional freelance having specialization to put the teams together for specific projects. The demand for this job will increase. For instance, Hollywood studios will no longer need to hire editor, actors, scriptwriters and individual cinematographers to get the job done instead they will get the help of professional triber to put the teams together.

    job trends for the next 10 years

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  • Freelance professors: By 2025, there will be large need for freelancer professors. Because of the continued growth of the online courses as well as the alternative accreditations, the growth for independent professors or freelance will increase. By 2025, people only need to do is to begin their university through online with marketing plan and course materials.
  • Urban farmers: Since the technology continues to evolve, artisan farmers will grow. Urban farmers will become small, but there will be significant change when it comes to food chain.
  • End of life planner: In the year 2100, it is predicted that the planet will have another four billion inhabitants wherein the average of persons who live on the planet will increase. This means also that the average age will continue getting older. There will be major push to define again end of life. With this, funerals will become more elaborate compared to weddings.

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It is important to know job trends because it will help you to think what you need to get. It is important that you will be aware of it so that you can follow the trend. For instance, lawyers are accountants will be replaced by algorithms. In here, you should not worry because you still have a job to do.

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It’s just that machines will become more popular than expected. If you want to follow the job trends, there is nothing wrong with it, but you should know what exactly you want to follow. You need to make sure that you have a good decision on what you will do. Start to know all the job trends and resume trends today to know what you should do!

Start use these job trends for the next 10 years now!

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