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Aside from the accomplished application form and letter of recommendation, most law schools require their student applicants to submit a law school CV. This resume will determine the applicant’s chance to get into law school. Following the right law school resume sample helps a lot in getting the right format and arrangement of information when writing a resume for the college of law.

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Finding the Right Law School Resume Sample

You can find various references for law school CV sample and simple resume format across the internet. Actually, there are enormous of them, that the main challenge for you is to decide which one is the best to use. A law school CV format should have a corporate look and tone. Corporate look is achieved by organizing information according to relativity and importance while the right tone is attained by using corporate formal language.

law school resume sample law school resume format

How Law School Resume Format Differ from Other Resumes

Law school application resume format can be compared to resumes that job seekers use when they apply for a certain job title, only with some differences. Law school CV format is more focused on the academic affiliations and achievements, community interest, social works and the like.

In law school resume sample, you can see that the name of the applicant is written on the right top most of the page as well as the contact information. If the applicant has more than one page of the resume, his or her name should appear on every top of each page.

Contents of Law School Application Resume Format

A law school resume basically contains the applicant’s educational background (date of graduation, pre-law degree, major and minor studies), honor/s received, interest or activities, employment history (if the applicant has been employed after pre-law education) and related skills.

In your education, list all the universities you attended, from the most recent to the latest to date. Include the degree you accomplished, awards received thesis (if there is any) and your GPA. A good law school application resume format should also contain interests and activities where you can list down your community participation and other related activities that you deem necessary in improving your skills as a legal practitioner. If you worked after finishing your pre-law degree, you must include the company where you worked and the duties and responsibilities you performed.

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