Let’s See What Stylish Resume Formats Exist

If you’re looking for a stylish resume, you’ll be interested to hear that the latest resume styles are really very creative, and fund the work with. Be advised, however, that not all employers are necessarily impressed with fancy resumes. You need to manage your presentation to match your audience, in fact.

According to workplacelit4adults.wordpress.com 60 percent of résumés are ignored because they’re not formatted correctly or are too cluttered.

Working with the Latest Resume Styles

The new resume styles are actually very functional. The main visual impact, however, is style. Compared to the extremely boring, inefficient, old black-and-white resumes, the new resumes are virtual riots of color and design. Some people tend to ignore the efficiency, however, and focus on the more visual aspects rather than the improved formatting of these resumes.

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As a matter of fact, the new resume styles and formats such as engineering resume format or any other modern resume format are actually based on the well-known and highly efficient functional resume formats. The only real difference is that the use of space is somewhat different. The new resumes use a “designer” presentation and look more like a magazine layout than a conventional document layout.

With the new CV formats, you can:

  • Manage space much more efficiently
  • Include more information
  • Improve readability and layout
  • Provide relatively more information in less space
  • Use logos, graphics, and other presentation options more effectively

Each part of a modern CV format is based on specific requirements. The only real difference with the new style resumes is that they enhance and improve presentation so effectively.

Having said which – You also need to remember that when creating a document, you are entering into a competitive process. The new resume styles aren’t gimmicks. They are designed to improve resumes, not merely to look good. It doesn’t matter how good a resume looks if it doesn’t deliver the required information.

Resume Formatting and Design

Before you do anything, check out the new CV formats online. You will need to make a judgment call regarding the style you want to use, and you will also need to use your judgement regarding color schemes, use of graphics, and other features. It’s also a good idea to know what you don’t like about resume style options, too.

The best way to manage your CV style is to design it strategically, as follows:

  1. Consider your overall presentation, exactly what you want your resume to look like.
  2. Consider which type of resume you want to use. (It is strongly suggested for the sake of simplicity that you use a basic functional resume format, at least for your first attempt.)
  3. Consider your space requirements. A good resume should be no more than two pages an absolute maximum, preferably one. If you require more space, you will also need to manage that space with your formatting, another good reason for using functional resume format.

The best resume style delivers:

  • Excellent presentation
  • Very high information values
  • Good matches for all job criteria
  • A stylish resume format which gives a very positive impression of the applicant

(If you have a CV rather than the resume, you’ll be interested to know that you can adapt your CV formatting. The latest stylish CV format is very similar to a functional resume format.)

Image credit: bashooka.com, pinterest.com

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