Look at These Creative Resume Examples 2016

Resume examples 2016 are now not only limited to word styles, but also in a wide range of formats and styles, including videos and infographics. They are part of the resume trends 2016 to watch out if you are looking to improve your chances of being hired. Check out the following to learn more about these creative samples.

2016 Resume Examples: The Creative CVs or Resumes

resume examples 2016

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As mentioned, a resume isn’t only limited to document style and the format  because there are now creative formats for it. If you are in the creative field or if you are an artistic person, do something different and learn of creative styles for your application, which can also help you highlight your experience and skills with visually appealing applications that engage and capture the attention of the potential employer.

  • Google resume: The style as the name suggests makes use of Google’s search engine look.

You can make use of this if you are applying for a technical field and if you want to grab an employer’s attention with an insanely cool resume style.

  • Video resume: If you are in the film industry, modeling and fashion, you can make use of the video resume that can grab your reader’s attention. Limit it to less than a minute for improved chances that your video will be watched. You can upload it on your YouTube account for an introductory video of yourself and things you can offer to the table.
  • 3D resume: This style is another cool resume style to consider if you are in the creative fields, like graphic design and animation industries.
  • Infographic resume: Do you need artistry in your resume? Then, check out the cool resume design that will surely capture attention.
  • Board game resume: Stop playing games with your application, but highlight what you got! Use the board game style to demonstrate your perfection for the role. It is unique and insane!

    resume examples for 2016

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2016 resume examples

Image credit: boredpanda.com

resume 2016 examples

Image credit: boredpanda.com

When Are Creative Resume 2016 Examples Good?

There is no one size fits all. The same is true in job applications. Even if there are many creative styles of resumes to choose from, they simply are not for everyone. You can consider artistic resume format 2016 if you are in the creative business or industry, including social media, design or marketing. The styles can show your creative mind with the use of visual elements that really grab attention at a glance.

You can also make use of the best resume examples 2016 using the creative formats if you are in the film industry, if you are an actor or if you are a creative director. The use of such creative designs can highlight not only your expertise for the job, but also your talents in the arts.

Creative designs are best resume examples 2016 if you want to make a lasting impression to your reader. Because they are not traditional, they are more memorable, too, increasing your chances to be remembered easily and to be noticed by the employer.

The creative formats for CVs in 2016 are good for highlighting your strength in design, too. Therefore, you may want to choose this style if you are a graphic designer or a 3D animator. You can get as creative as you want to highlight that you are that artistic talent that the organization is looking for.

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Who Should Use Creative 2016 Resume Examples?

If you are in the medical or engineering fields, you may want to stay away from new resume designs or style, but stick with the conventional ones. But if you are in the design, film, fashion, animation and other creative fields, then go for artistic styles in your resumes. There is no doubt that the more artistic the more you can show that you are indeed someone creative for the position that they are looking to fill.

Creative resume examples for 2016 are not for everyone, but it is for those in the design and graphic fields and other industries mentioned above. Be very careful when choosing these styles and make sure that you are going to draw attention into your experience and expertise, too, and not only on the cool design of your application.

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