Make Your Resume Stand Out with the Newest Resume Format

This is the time to make your resume fresh and appealing. By using newest resume format and trend, you can able to have an excellent resume that will give you advantage to get an interview. Here are some of the best resume trends.

Top Resume Trends

  • Social Media Resume: Social media will definitely affect job search that is why it is important to create a great online presence for the employer to notice you. Instead of just sitting in front of your computer, it is better when you invest time to utilize your resume. You need to make a resume for social media and there are certain sites that can help you with it.
  • Infographic resume: You will absolutely love this trend because it is the modern resume format that you can use. It is used by many applicants and you can do so. It gives you a chance to submit a compelling and interesting resume. This trend will make your application successful.
  • Facebook timeline: You can create a timeline resume on your Facebook. It is interesting to do and will give you professional brand. Hiring managers will love it and if you want to replace the traditional resume into something new, you can try this.
  • Video resumes: If you want to showcase about your achievements, you can use this trend. It will help you to have a career success and will definitely benefit you. With it, the employer will learn more about you and how able to present yourself in a different way. There are numerous sites that allow you to upload a video resume. The good thing is that you can also include it in your professional website or blog.
  • Cuts fluff: Many smart job seekers know how to make their resume and that is to cuts fluff such as good communication skills and team player. What they did is that they polished their resume in a way that it will be presented as straightforward. They get rid of unnecessary phrases and terms.

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  • Graphs and charts: If you want to make your latest resume formats visually appealing and colorful, you can use graphs and charts. You can show about your accomplishments by using colors with graphs and digestible charts. It will make your content easier to read and understandable. Keep in mind that graphs and charts have been using widely by many applicants as well as professionals. On the other hand, you need to know the best technique on how you can use the best colors to present a great resume.
  • Quotations: If you are seeking for a good way in substituting lend credibility and brand, you can use quotations, but it is important that you will use the best quote that will give credentials, value and success to the company. It is essential that the company will benefit from it.
  • LinkedIn: There are hiring managers that wants to know more details about you that is why using LinkedIn is very helpful. However, you need to make the content informative and be sure that your profile is easy to locate. You can put the LinkedIn URL in your resume so that employer can view it.
  • Career summaries should not be boring: Your career summary is about three to five lines that are why you need to make it exciting. Be sure that it is not boring or else the employer will continue to read your resume. It is better when you use numbers in writing your resume. You need to create an impact to hiring manager by using numbers.
  • Forget the fluff: You need to cut the fluff and make every word counts. You need to remove good communication skills, good written skills as well as team player. You need to avoid the overused phrases and terms.
  • Use wordle: If you want to have an advantage with others, you can use wordle. It is a cloud creator that can make this task easier.

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