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MBA resume formatThe format of any resume is always important as a good format helps to focus the reader’s attention on the most relevant information. So if you are applying for a place on an MBA course and have been asked to provide your resume as part of the application you need to ensure that your use the right MBA resume format or any good resume format that is going to allow you to show off your superior skills. A well formatted resume will help you to beat your competition and land one of these often heavily oversubscribed MBA places. A poor resume could easily see you losing out to people with lesser abilities just because they wrote a better more focused resume.

What MBA resume format should you use?

Some management schools will provide you with a specific format to use or guidelines and these should be followed.

best-mba-resume-format-for-freshers-to-be-hired your-perfect-mba-resume-format-for-freshers

Otherwise our MBA resume format will be fine for your starting point. You will find a large amount of variation when you look at samples across the net,  for instance samples of international resume format or any other kind of resume format.

According to, 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to engage in a job search with 7% of all job seekers conducting their job search online while in the restroom.

The truth is that no one specific format is correct, nor is any wrong. The important thing is that your MBA resume format for freshers or mature students is able to clearly highlight exactly what the reader is looking for.

This means using:

  • Clear space on your resume to draw the eye
  • Clearly providing bold titles to each section
  • Putting the most relevant information at the start of each section
  • Not cluttering your resume with irrelevant and unnecessary information
  • Keeping statements short and concise
  • Use clear easy to read fonts without unnecessary formatting
  • Use easy to read lists or bullet points where possible

What should your MBA resume cover?

good mba resume format


Your MBA resume format should be followed carefully and should include everything that they are looking for. Read carefully their aims and what they expect from their students and ensure that you reflect this within the content of your resume. You also need to ensure that your MBA or high school graduate resume covers all of the following:

  • Show a need for the MBA in your career plan
  • Show that you have the academic skills to pursue an MBA
  • Show clear career progression within your current and previous roles
  • Show achievements within your working career, not just responsibilities

When you have finished writing your resume ensure that it is completely free of errors and that it has a logical flow to it. Proofread it yourself several times and if possible have a third party proof read it for you.

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