Nursing Resume Template

A nursing curriculum vitae (CV) template, collectively known as a nursing resume template, is an outline that details a nurse applicants professional and clinical experiences, educational background and achievements. When looking for a federal resume template, make sure that it outlines the most important parts of the applicants nursing career in a detailed and most objective presentation as possible.

nursing resume template nurse resume template

Choose the Right Nursing Resume Template

While almost all nursing resumes are written in different formats, there is still a unified way of presenting them. It must be organized according to the importance of information presented. For example, the applicant’s personal information such as name, contact information should come first before anything else.

The next important thing one must have in a nurse resume template is the part where it reflects the applicant’s work or clinical experience. This lists down the clinical experience from the most recent to the least. This includes the name of the hospital or healthcare facility, the start and end date where the applicant worked with them and a comprehensive description of the duties and responsibilities he or she performed during his or her occupation.

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What Does a Good Sample Nurse Resume Do?

A good sample nurse resume organizes the applicant’s information that he or she would mistakenly put on inappropriate places all over the document. It provides better formatting, thus creating a more professional look for a resume. It gives information a better look on a piece of paper without overdoing the font styles and sizes for each part.

A good nurse resume template provides sufficient room for training, licenses, and professional or personal references. This part includes the college or university from where the applicant graduated and each corresponding year. Apart from education and scholastic achievements, this also includes his or her internship training, seminars and certifications earned relevant to the profession.

Other relevant information one must include in the template is nursing license number and the state where it was registered. Some templates include personal references at the last part of the document. References must have complete names, titles and contact information.

Once decided on the template, applicants must review the information they put on the template. Make sure that the nursing resume is free from factual and grammatical errors. It is still recommended to have it reviewed and verified.

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