Official Resume Format Template

A professional official CV format is about 3 to 5 pages long but it is factual. It emphasizes activities and professional qualifications. The fact is that it is a shortened version of academic CV format. In creating an official resume, always begin with education followed by professional training and objective.

Official Resume Format

  • Complete name
  • Education
  • Professional Training
  • Work Experience
  • Projects Undertaken

official resume official resume format

Tips in Writing Official Resume

It is not easy to write official CV and if it is your first time to write on it, the format of an official document will help you. You need to ensure that you will also follow tips to have a guide in writing. Here are some tips in writing.

official resume format

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  • Customize: It is essential to customize your professional resume format since you are not an ordinary person. What you are writing is official CV that is why you need to make it professional. Use a serious and professional tone.
  • Know official CV: In all cases, there is a different template of resumes depending on what you are applying for. Make sure that you use the perfect template that you want. Check if it is good to use or not. There are numerous templates online but not all are nice to use.
  • Free your resume from mistakes: Since the professional resume is much longer compared to another resume, you need to check your paper for errors. Getting rid of mistakes in your paper is important for easy understanding. If the reader has a hard time in reading your paper, you will lose the chance of being accepted. You may ask friends to critique my resume.
  • Ask friends or parents: It is better to ask your friends and family or resume review service to read your resume. They can give you valuable suggestions and feedback on what you still need to add or remove. They may read some other resume and can give you their opinions on what is a good CV and what it not.

Statistics show that the first person to place a follow up call to a job posting has a 95% chance to get the job position and those who call the following day only have a 1% chance. (According to

Many people have a hard time in writing a CV, and if you are one of them, you should not worry. What you need is to gather all the resources you need. Jot down what you will write in your resume and start writing.

If you are interested in proper layout, then you can review they way a proper international resume format should look like.

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