Proper Resume Format

What is the proper resume format to use and why is it important?

Proper resume formatAs you are no doubt aware, applying for a job and being invited for an interview are not easy. Most jobs have many people applying for them and potentially you could be competing against hundreds of other applicants. To get selected therefore you need to have a resume that is capable of grabbing the attention of the recruiter. Not only does it need to grab the attention of the recruiter it needs to do so very quickly as many will only quickly scan your nursing resume format often spending much less than 30 seconds looking for the information that they need. So the proper format for a resume is the one that will make your relevant achievements, skills and qualifications stand out.

What does the proper resume format look like

The proper format of resume writing will vary according to the job that you are applying to and the amount of experience that you have. The important thing is that the format will immediately draw the attention of the reader to the most important factors within your resume. The real skill in resume writing is not just matching your skills to the actual requirements of the job but making them stand out on the page. You can see the correctly written

proper-format-of-resume-to-follow proper-format-of-resume-tips

You can see the correctly written IT professional resume format to know what to include into it. This requires careful thought, firstly you have to review their requirements carefully to understand precisely what they are looking for.

According to, 67% candidates failure to make eye contact.

Then you need to take those vital few requirements and

  • Present the most important skills and achievements at the start of any section
  • Title each section clearly and bold the headings
  • Use clear space between sections so that they stand out from the page
  • Don’t be afraid to omit information if it is not specifically called for
  • Use a clear 12pt font and do not fully capitalize any words

The style of writing within a proper resume format

choose proper resume format


Not only do you need to ensure that you cover everything that they are looking for you also need to ensure that you present that information in a way that will impress them. Your actual style of writing is as important as what you write when you follow any proper resume format. You must ensure that you:

  • Showcase your achievements not just list your responsibilities
  • Use positive and action based language such as achieved, and drove
  • If possible quantify your achievements; if you improved sales how much by?
  • Never use negative languages and remain relevant to role you are applying for
  • Be concise in what you say
  • Never exaggerate the truth nor lie within your resume

Besides, a standard resume format can be used, the important thing is to ensure that all of the skills and qualifications that you have highlighted as being important to the recruiter are obvious on your resume and presented in the best way.

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