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More often than not, MBA applicants tend to neglect their resume for business school and instead focus on their essays, panel discussion rehearsals, and recommendation letters. However, the truth is most of the evaluators and admission personnel skip reading those wordy essays and look for a substantial resume from applicants. While it is important to complete those requirements, it is also of parallel requisite to accomplish an interesting resume, especially when you are about to sell or design something in the future after your MBA.

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Tips for Writing Resumes for Business School

  • Update your resume every now and then. You might have acquired new essential business skills that will be good for your profile. Do not wait until the last minute before writing one.
  • Your resume for business school should reflect more about the things you accomplished that led to a product or people development. Quantify every detail as much as possible and avoid using vague figures such as ‘more’, ‘few’, ‘several’, etc.
  • Be creative but straightforward. Include the important highlights and avoid narrating your whole biography in your resume.
  • Use a pattern such as a business school resume template and format to guide you with the necessary information you must include. This will also provide you the corporate look and theme for your resume.

business school resume template business school resume format 

Shopping for Business School Resume Template

Using the right business school resume template is one of the first steps in accomplishing a resume for your MBA application. Shopping for the right template is no longer an excuse for applicants not to comply since there are wide varieties of templates available on the internet today. The template will provide applicants the idea how information is presented.

For example, in the education subheading, the most common template is to list down the university where the applicant finished a degree, followed by the university address, degree or concentration of studies and the date of graduation. Some templates add a short description of the study as a background for each degree.

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Which Business School Resume Format to Use

The most standard resume format that MBA applicants use for their resumes for business school is the chronological formatting. This is the type of format where information is presented in a current to the latest form. There are also other formats available to follow, all you need to do is browse for some samples and choose the look of how you want your resume to be presented.

We’ve also prepared a stunning graduate school resume template for you to draw inspiration.

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