Resume Format 2016: Tips and Trends

Before submitting your resume 2016 for job applications, check out the following for the things you have to know so that you can stay on the right track in terms of bettering your application towards the requirements of employers and hiring managers for this year.

Resume Format 2016 Infographics

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Resume Format Trends 2016

  • Infographic CV: This is a visually appealing application that can present data in a flash and gives the reader an opportunity to get information on specific aspects of your application without spending too much time to do it.
  • Video CV: This is one artistic type of presenting your assets and your skills. You can record a minute or two of yourself with a video CV that can also increase your chance to receiving an interview invitation.
  • Colored CV: This is another artistic aspect of resume formats 2016 recently. However, be careful about color selection and minimize choosing so many of them.
  • Multipage CV: This can work if you have much work experience to write.
  • Graphical CV: This is another interesting CV format to consider, especially if you want to present sales statistics and so on.
  • LinkedIn CV: This is a popular online CV portal that you can also make use of, but make sure to optimize your profile for better exposure.
  • Targeted CV: It focuses on industry-specific formats, including keywords and buzzwords to use.
  • Quotes in CV: It can be quotes from former managers or supervisors to include in your application.
  • Twitter CV: It is also common but it does not apply for everyone.

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What Are the Most Preferred Formats of Recruiters in 2016?

  • Traditional, 70%
  • Online or social profiles, 4%
  • Infographic, 20%
  • Video, 2%
  • Other formats, 4%

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Interesting Resume Facts

  • It takes five to seven seconds for recruiters to analyze your resume
  • An unprofessional looking email address is a cause of rejection of up to 76 percent of applications
  • Increase your chances by up to 88% by including a photo.
  • More than 90% of resumes are sent through emails or available online
  • About 35 percent of applicants are eligible to apply for the position they are applying for
  • An ATS or applicant tracking system can get rid of up to 75 percent of applicants

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