Resume Format for College Students

The resume layout for college students is a little bit less complicated and simpler than the MBA or law school resumes. This is commonly composed of some high school and middle school information, honors and achievements received during those years and the applicant’s interest or community involvement if there is any.

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Online Resume Format for College Students

An online resume template builders offer more than hundreds of templates, samples, tips and designing tools for college students who want to create their own unique resumes. This online service, as well as different CV editing services, aim to help college students, professionals and job seekers in creating their own resumes without difficulty.

This is a huge help for college students who are juggling exams and other scholastic activities while applying for college. Online resume builders allow college applicants to access their database of formats and templates. Applicants will just have to input their information on the website and the program will run and format that information. Once formatting and layout are done, applicants can view their resumes and save them in Word format.

college application resume format college resume format

Contents of College Student Resume Format

A college student resume layout may vary from one reference to another. But a standard resume format is the chronological formatting. The name of the applicant is written at theuppermostt part of the page followed by the contact information. After the contact information, a short narrative about qualification and experiences is written. This summarizes all the highlights of your high school career and notes what makes you a prime candidate for college admission.

The next important part of a college student resume template is the educational attainment. This part includes the applicant’s educational highlights like GPA, honors, and awards received and the notable extra-curricular activities he or she participated on. This is also the best part where you can display which activity you excel on. If you have been an editor or writer of the school paper, include it on your resume. Most college evaluators would love to add active students on their student body organizations and college school paper.

Editing College Application Resume Format

Aside from building resumes on online resume builders, these programs also allow applicants edit their college application resume template and tailor them according to their preference. Once editing is done, applicants can save the changes they made and claim the final copy.

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