Resume Preparation: 10 Steps On How to Write It

Resume preparation is one of the stages involved in any job application because a resume is your main weapon to sell yourself to the employer, helping him to realize that you are the right person to take on the job and carry out the duties and responsibilities, as stated in the job ad. In this case, you may want to learn of the 10 steps on how to write your resume. For that matter, check out the following section.

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10 Tips on Writing a Resume

  1. Before preparing a resume make sure that you have found the specific job posting where to submit it when you’re done. By finding a job for your resume, you will be able to target the requirements and qualifications and answer them in your application.
  2. As one of the tips on writing a resume, get a list of keywords to use before writing your resume. These are words or terms that describe your skills in the field, giving the employer a quick view about things you can offer to the table. You can find the most relevant keywords to use so that you can display your keen interest in the position. The best thing that you can do is to read and understand the job advertisement so that you can make use of the keywords found here and writes them in your resume.

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  3. Choose the right resume format as one of the tips on writing a resume. You should choose from the various formats available that include chronological, functional and hybrid. The chronological is best used if you have a solid work background, while a functional one is suitable if you have gaps in employment and you want to display your skills instead. The combination format is for combining the features of the chronological and functional formats in one resume.
  4. Use the right resume heading. This will be the section to write your name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, web address and social networking profile. Complete your details, and make sure they are updated.
  5. Your job objective is next. This is one of the key elements for a good resume with the latest format. Write your future plans or career goals in this section. It also tells about what position you are looking for, the kind of responsibility you want and interpreting the information found in your resume.
  6. Qualifications summary is the part where to tell the employer about the key qualifications you have, and this include the benefits you have to offer. Write here the benefits you can offer by highlighting your achievements and your main contributions to your past companies.
  7. Work experience is one of the tips in preparing a resume. List your most recent jobs and the things you accomplished. Don’t write everything but only the most important ones. Include only the most relevant ones that will support your resume in showing that you have the qualifications and expertise in the job that you are applying for.
  8. Achievement statement must also be written. This will exactly tell the required skills or experience, your performance and your pride at work. This section reveals exactly that you are worth hiring. You can list down five of your most important achievements that will reveal the benefits you can bring to the table.
  9. Education section is another important aspect in resume preparation. Don’t forget listing the schools you have attended, the grades you earned and the honors or recognition you received. You can also include trainings, seminars and workshops that have helped you learned the needed skills for the job.
  10. Volunteer experience is another component of a good resume. This can include the community services you had, as well as other activities you think to show you possess the experience and skills needed for the application.
Steps On How to Write CV

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Preparing a Resume: More Tips

Before applying for a job, spend enough time in browsing for the latest CV trends. After that start preparing and writing a good resume that will help you capture the employer’s attention, making him to realize that you have the expertise and skills required of the job. Following these tips in resume preparation will give you an advantage because they follow the recent trends and they show your worth as an applicant.

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